How do I motivate myself to study?

Britney O.
Think about the future. If you don’t study get the knowledge you need, you won’t get good grades. Therefore you won’t achieve your goals and dreams and get into a good school. You don’t want that, do you? You may think that some subject is boring, which is okay. But it’s important that you try to study anyway. Make a list and write down why you think the subject is boring. When you write down everything, then you can try to change it to more positive thing. For example you may think that math is boring. Why is math boring? It’s boring because it’s hard and you have a hard time understanding math. Weell, when you try to write down the positive thing/s against it. You can reflect and get a clearer mind set.
Jeppe A.
For me, having a teacher and classmates turned to be a crucial part. The teacher comments on my progress and tells what to do next, so I can feel that I move forward and see that my studying makes sense. I put videos of what I have learned in a group of classmates, which also makes me responsible of what I am doing.
Ella O.
لما اكون معصبة يكون نفسي اذاكر بس ما اقدر اركز برضو لما اكون فرحانة مره او نشيطة يجيني دافع للمذاكرة، احب اذاكر بالعادة لما يكون في شمس احس نفسي مصحصة اكثر خاصة انو الغرفة تكون مضيئة فتصحصحني و تساعدني بالتركيز ، احب لما اكلم بابا يحفزني للمذاكرة بشكل اكبر 😻
Agar P.
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Valdemar X.
I start a little at a time, then work my way up to 30 minutes every day. Treat it like physical exercise. And forgive yourself if you don’t get to do it everyday. That will turn into motivation to get back on the horse and change your world so you can study every day.