How do you keep yourself on-task? I’m so easily distracted.

Kayla E.
I use the thing that distracts me the most (my phone) as my motivator. Set alarms/reminders for EVERYTHING. And remember: progress, not perfection.
Darrell Z.
I can’t express enough the importance of healthy routines. Building a routine is hard, especially in the building phase before the actions become routine. You just have to keep going, keep doing it until it sticks and becomes automatic. In the initial routine building phase the Fabulous app. gives you the gentle reminders and encouragement needed to help make the routine stick and become like second nature. You won’t be perfect, you’re human and nobody is perfect, but the more you do it the better you will feel and the easier it becomes to be the very best that you can be.
Magn Lia Y.
Usually, if my task is hard or boring, I just focus on the reason why I started doing it in the first place. It's a lot easier if the task is interesting to do and you are enjoying it.
Wendy Z.
I postpone untill I can't stand the sense of failure, then set a goal and usually end up reaching it before my new deadline and feel great
Delfino F.
Remove all distractions from around u and make sure u have the determination for the task in hand. And trust yourself. Once you start the job you WILL finish it. Believe in yourself ✨
Clyde T.
I primarily add the simplest goals I can, and only one at a time. Three days to a week of being able to successfully tick off a simple habit gives me confidence to add something else easy to maintain and build confidence from.
That said, I have one really tricky habit I added to my day early on. It is the bane of my existence. But that is where I focus a lot of my daily energy. Including any and all of my procrastination. As long as it is completed before I go to bed at night I consider it a victory, though I can't claim that it is an everyday win.
But, the more little confidence boosts I can gain, the easier it seems. I prove to myself that I can perform other habits easily, and use that as my boost of strength to try and make my difficult one even a little easier…
Udo G.
I meditate (I use Headspace app) to help focus my mind, it helps to stop drifting off into my own thoughts while I am doing something or listening to someone. Also keeping a notebook handy and writing down anything of importance that pops into mind while doing something helps stay focused and relaxed as I know I am not going to forget that little piece of information because I wrote it down
Misty Z.
Just try to remind yourself the reason to why you are doing this, what motivated you to even start. That's what I do and then just get started and get it done!