I’m a college student and I barely have time to study , what should I do?

Don U.
Prioritized your time.. What do you do instead of studying? Do less of that. Focus on the studying. A couple of hours a day? A couple of days a week? Whatever you think is necessary for you. Prioritie that. Have a clean desk, a glass of water and a healthy snack with you.
Abby F.
Hey, I am also a college student andi would advice to 1st find when you mostly focused.could be in the morning, during the day or at night. Then let each day have two or 3 modules… spend 2 hours on each module for that day. This will be a form of post class study if you attend classes.
Lucile O.
You should not panic relax your mind and put some calm music on unplug so you don’t get distracted study then write notes so you can study on the go I hope this worked