How can I overcome my laziness??? Please give some tips! :))

Alexei O.
Start by getting motivated! Think of how good you'll feel after you've accomplished everything you need to get done. Promise yourself a reward upon completion.
Next,get organized. Use your fabulous app to create a list of chores in your prefered order. Don't procrastinate, take a deep breath & start immediately after youv'e finished listing your tasks. Don't feel overwhelmed, just follow your list one thing at a time & chek off each task when your done . After you've finish your first task take a break before starting the next one. Keep taking breaks inbetween each task. Time your breaks,not your tasks. Don't get involed with anything else during your break times, just sit,relax,and breath until your timer goes off. You can have fun while doing your chores. For example you can cook, clean,& do various house work while you dance to music & you can iron & fold laundry in front of the T.V.. If You need to go somewhere like shopping or get to work ,you could listen to music on the way. If you need to mow the lawn or clean the yard,walk the dog or go jogging,you can you use headphones. If you're on a task that requires concentration without distraction like studying or paperwork,you can chew suger free gum or suck on a suger free candy to help you focus. You can also write with one hand while playing with a figit toy in the other hand to help you reduce stress. After you've completed your entire list, celebrate with yor promised reward. Follow this guide every day to get all your important things done without feeling negitive about having to do them.
Franciele Q.
Make a small, realistic goal for yourself. So an example of a small realistic goal to combat “laziness” could be spending 10 min tidying up your room each day. You would be surprised at how quickly you can achieve that, 10 min will feel like no time at all. Then voila! You will make that a habit and over time you will enjoy having that clean room. It feels good to accomplish something, so let that help motivate you.
Hunter O.
Hey, I am lazy myself. I use this app to sort of force myself to do things because it motivates me to check things off a list. I have some minimum things that I really want to do and if I get a streak going, I will be more likely to keep it up just because I don’t want to break the streak. Start with the main things you really want for you, and build on those. It can be hard to determine what you want versus what you think you are supposed to want, but it is crucial to know which things matter to you in your deepest heart, because if you don’t start there, you will fail. I definitely have failed a bunch of times doing what I thought others wanted me to do or what I felt I “should” do. Start small. A morning routine of maybe five to seven things. Do that for thirty days and then add just a little bit at a time! ALWAYS be true to you.