What’s the best way to study something you don’t really want to study but need to?

Clyde E.
Experiencing myself as a committed student but a easy boring person, I have to face with the problem that sometimes I don't want to study and that is worse agent I am not willing to study. Whenever that kind of time comes, I just do it. Because I know that there are so many things we have to face in our daily life like the things we love to do and the problems we don't want.
Just do, don't think twice, not to be confused.
We have to keep in our mind that only the things we don't want to study but what we need to are necessary for our passion in someway or somehow.
That is what I do when something I don't wanna study come upon my mind.

Adriana P.
Think about getting the grade you've always wanted (ideally the highest), you would be so happy and thrilled that all that hard work and effort succeeded. Plus, once the test is over, you won't need to study for it again!

L Vian Q.
Think about the end goal,what do you gain by studying this thing…. As Abraham Lincoln once said discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want in the future.

Sheanna O.
I learn and understand better when I can relate things to my own personal life. I use this when studying at uni and also in my personal life when helping friends

Ingelore E.
The best way to study something you don’t want to is knowing it’s only a kind game. Most things are just a mind game, meaning I could easily tell myself I don’t want to do this but I have to and have that negative beginning or know that you don’t want to do it but it has to get done and changing your mind set by putting yourself in another persons shoe or tell yourself it can’t hurt to do it but it will hurt if you don’t. When I don’t want to do something it makes me feel better when I put someone else first instead of me. This probably doesn’t make any sense but to my future self, you have done many things wrong let’s not add another one please just to do it you won’t regret it!!

Manon Z.
Use the pomodoro method. You can use shorter study times eg 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. Using the break will help your brain rest and process what you’re studying. Studies show that the break also helps your brain remember better. Then get back to the studying for another 25minutes. After 4 rounds, reward yourself big time!