I want to self learn so many things but I tend to get lost If I don’t have a guide. I seek for ‘from a to b’ type of guides and if I don’t find them I get discourage and I quit. What are the best strategies for self learning?

Deanna W.
Usually in a 'from a to b' guides, it's simply one way to do something. What works for one person may not for another, so it's more important to find a way that works for YOU. Sometimes this takes more than Google searching. Sometimes you get to call or email specialists in the field, or companies that make whatever product you are using to learn. So, it's really about embracing a mindset of revising the systems that one uses to problem solve. Also a very subtle shift is, instead of thinking "I HAVE to find another solution", think "I GET to try something different." Turning a negative into a positive.
Dera S.
Try to start what you what you want to learn stip by stip and slowly may you lost sometimes but keep trying harder , you can watch motivate video to keep your self strong also