How do you study when your laziness attacks you?

Nicoline W.
I take out my bullet journal and make a list of things I need to go, seeing the list makes me want to tick off the items. Then I sit down with a snack and some tea and choose a task that will take me about 25 minutes or I break down a larger task into 25 minute increments. Then I work on it for 25 minutes. I take a 5 min break to stretch and drink some water and then I move onto another task that is different (ex. After a reading, do a math problem, then write, then draw, etc.). After doing that 4 times (2 hours) I change locations or take a nap and then start over. I try to think about things I’m looking forward to doing at the end of the day (going to the gym, eating dinner, taking a shower, reading, painting, watching TV, relaxing).
Bertha Y.
Perhaps try for a moment to remember what you are passionate about… and maybe even do that activity that you are passionate about… and then return to studying.

You may be even be passionate about studying and just need to switch the way you are studying for a little bit of time or perhaps study some other subject… or other examples could be to go and cook or play music or run or even a walk… do or think about something you are passionate about and then return to studying.

Augustin Z.
I find it very difficult but using the Focus app is good because it times your study and gives an audible reminder to keep you on track.
Alma X.
It’s really hard to do anything that needs focus when we are lazy, so, first of all: I take a shower to feel myself fresh and new, then I put a timer and try to do my best studying in those minutes (for example: 20min as a goal). I use to have something as a gift waiting for me when I reach up my goal (it can be a chocolate or an episode of a tv show)
Laura E.
This is a tough question but I love answering tough questions! If my laziness attacks me I will take a five minute break! During my little break I will think of the postitve outcomes if I study and this gives me the motivation to keep going. if my laziness completely comes out I will go grab something to eat and a stress ball to squeeze. I will entertain my self while studying and put music on so I can semi focus. Sometimes are laziness kicks in when we are bored or not in the mood to focus! We are human so we need to accept that therefor getting mad at your self because you can’t focus is wrong staying positive and treating yourself right will help. So if that lazy starts to come out
-take a break (5-10 min)
-Grab a snack (grapes because you grab multiple)
-Turn on music you like
-Grab a stress ball!
-Think about the positive outcomes if you study
-study lighter (take more breaks)
-take your time to study even if I takes 30 mins to go over 1 concept it’s worth it when your feeling lazy

I hope this helped remember I love answering questions like these please ask anything If you need thank you !! 🤗

Thea U.
I normally set my study into different levels. The easiest one would be just to identify the resources, links and even book’s sections for when I am ready to kick of that study sesion