How do I stay focused

Diya Y.
Heyy, so let's say u need to study or clean up your space ; set a 5 min timer and trick your brain, because the simpler it seems the easier it is to get it done, then after the first 5 min, add another 5 min, and hopefully this will work
Alice I.
I can advise not to put the music on, to stay away from the phone, be alon. Have a personal space for study/ work can help you to stay focus
Khushi W.
If you are talking about your goal you should think about the end result of your hard work as well as of being distracted, if you are a person who get distracted easily you should remove or try to get away from the reasons of it.
it will get a toll of your whole body by doing so but gradually you will get used to it and believe me it is great feeling to not get distracted even when the distarctions are in front of you.
You will get a feeling of building yourself☺.
One last thing motivation is very important due to the human nature of ours so make your surroundings full of motivation.
You can do it
Susan N.
I struggle with focus quite a lot but what I do to combat this is I force myself into it and really try to enjoy what I’m doing. E.g making cute (but effective) study notes. I also use lifeat for lofi music, to do lists and really cool study room backgrounds to keep me focused
Arham N.
yo wsg g basically what i do is i clear my mind frfr no snap no ig just what im gonna focus on i play some tunes from josh a or neffex that make me more confident and push me more and thats it really
Julie F.
Just tell yourself that if you want to achieve your goal then focus is your bestfriend. Think how desperately you want it.
Rachel P.
I find reminding myself why I am doing something helps me. Taking a breath. Feet on the ground. Closing my eyes. Grounding myself then asking myself, "Why am I doing this?" The answer will motivate you 😊