I deleted all social media. But I keep using browser to go on them now. I can’t delete browser I need it for studies too. Any advice?

Anthony C.
Download an app blocker on your phone and block browser whenever you study. Note down the questions while studying that need browser, go back to them later
Isabella G.
For me social media has been making me so anxious. But I’m getting bored with out it. So everyday I go on Instagram. I delete it at night and then the next day when I’m ready to see what’s happening I re download it and stay on it for a bit. When I get overwhelmed I delete it again and stay off of it for as long as possible. I try to limit the amount of time I’m on social media. I keep myself from getting bored I’ll read or workout or stretch. It’s okay to go on social media but if it’s causing you problems stay off of it for a a good amount of the time and when ur mentally ready. Get back on have a great day 🙂
Capucine T.
Download one of those brows are apps that don’t let you access certain websites. I think stay focused and self-control are Examples