How do you deal with guilt and shame when you really want to get out of bed and get everything done but you physically are not able because you need the sleep in order to recover from the previous day? This usually happens to me when I have a day off and need to use it to meet upcoming deadlines and catch up on things.

Lester Q.
I try to not put guilt on myself those day. I let myself know that without having the proper amount of energy, I wouldn’t be able to do my task correctly or in a timely matter and because of that, I’d probably get frustrated which would make matters worse. I have these days often, due to my work schedule, and just talking myself through being exhausted and needing to recharge usually helps.
Caroline Y.
It is good that you are acknowledging this issue and that you do want to persevere. Changing your outlook to see this as a you taking a necessary day for yourself would help remove the guilt because you are using the day to empower you and revitalise yourself. If anything, this is a rich fabulous day.
Ad O Q.
Your body needs to be taken after before everything else, it is irreplaceable and you won’t be able to do anything anyway if you burn yourself out.
Josefine N.
Self care is more important than anything else. If you are tired, you cannot expect to perform well. If you are sitting in bed doing nothing, maybe do some work at your bed on your off day in order to relax and get work accomplished.
Mason Y.
How I deal with it now is by just getting up and doing one easyish task. While I’m doing that I think about what else I have to do. By thinking about it and planning out my next move it helps me get to my next task. Some days however, your just drained and need to recoup. On those days I just remind myself that rest is needed too and to not overwork myself.
Byron F.
I really don’t know! I have the same problem. These days my weekends are so valuable because I have a exam in 2 month but I sleep alot on weekends. The thing that I try to do is to look at it as my challenge and not my problem then I feel less shameful and try to find a way to solve it. If you need the sleep why to shame! Just try harder the rest of the day and compensate. If you sleep alot then figure out why. If your time is same as me or close we can be our accountability person. Text me if u like. My time is mountain time. 8572062153.
Arlene Z.
I accept that my spirit, mind and body is asking for rejuvenation and time to rest.
It is an opportunity to reflect and focus on those needs.
I understand I am more productive if these aspects of my self are balanced and rejuvenated.
Aymeric P.
I feel im wasting my time not being productive and i wish i could regulate my sleep so i can wake like a normal person does.
Daniel P.
I get how you feel sometimes I don't feel like moving in the morning because the day before was bad. My mom normally forces me out of bed but now I've been starting to do it myself. Keep a glass of water beside you and drink a few sips once you wake up (from your alarm). This will slowly get you moving for the day and also right next to your bed to some stretching or yoga that energises you too. Hope this helped ♥️
Luis Q.
I usually take a warm shower , meditate for sometime , relax and and say to myself "let bygones be bygones." It motivates me to start a new new day with a fresh mind. And also a big smile pulls everything together!😊
Rose C.
Don’t be guilty. Don’t be ashamed. Your body needs the rest, and will perform better as a result of it. Take the time to rest, and then start right away on your work, if that’s what you feel the need to do, and you’ll see how much faster your body and mind work together to get the job done. It’s all about priorities, and time management will follow.
Louella Z.
Sometimes it is better to make sure we get our sleep, because we will not be able to finish our tasks if we are tired. We just need to tell ourselves that it is okay
Ma Wenn S.
Guilt do nothing just lower your energy more I imagine if I am physically sick would I feel guilty? No it’s same thing same pain when u are tired or depressed just be kind toyourself
Paul T.
If I work well the previous days, I feel less guilty.
Also setting up a nap in that case during the day make me feeling better in all the way.
I get up to do the work and I am having an extra sleep to catch up
Frida W.
If you can, delegate out tasks to family members to lighten the amount you have to do. If at all possible, cut back on extra things you don’t need/actually use in your life. An if getting out of bed is increasing becoming a struggle I’d look into seeing a therapist to get some assistance in managing life stressors.
Ottilie F.
Sleep is extremely important for any of us to function efficiently. Your guilt and shame is routed to the belief that the things you have to do are more important than your self care. If you know that it’s harder on days off then plan for it. Go to bed knowing you have planned your day ahead and it starts with a lie in. If those feelings creep up tell yourself that sleep is important and that you have the right to prioritise your health.
Basile Y.
Some times it’s because of stress and sometimes you just have lost your motivation, also sometimes you can’t find the reason ( it can refer to your nutrition too.) but you can gift your self after doing your task or find something enjoyable in your activity but make sure that’s not lack of sleep. If so and you can not rest drink more water to prevent your body dehydration. Sometimes speaking with one who can understand you or doing tasks with friends can help. You know find something that make this fun for you.
Lucas U.
I usually try to do at least one thing to give me some sense of accomplishment. I still feel guilty and lazy but I try to use that one thing to get back on track the next day. Procrastination is one of my worst traits so taking things one at a time and compartmentalizing is super important for me.
Joan C.
I've been pondering your question for quite some time I still don't know if I can answer it yet I'll have a go
so I hear you're not feeling ok about not getting out of bed you're feeling guilt or shame
you say you really want to get out of bed yet physically you're not doing it question is your mind stopping you.

I don't know How much sleep you are getting more than 8 or 9 hours. I would think would be enough to recover yeah I don't know what kind of work you do do you need time off to go out and do something pleasurable and relax and timeout.

is your work schedule to much you seem to talk about deadlines and catching up do you need some downtime the only answers I've got hope it's helpful
After thought whats the problem your wanting to solve.
Are you expecting too much of yourself.
Are you over committed
Do you need some balance a break from work.
Do you need recovery time

Daryl Y.
Don’t make yourself feel guilty. Sometimes the body needs the rest to work better. Give yourself the right to rest a little bit.
Holly T.
No way out, have to do with or without being grumpy. I tried to wake up early to get my own time, but only end up getting late. Only thing works was before sleep try to get some own time. Now my children are old enough to take my support & Iam retired from my work, so I have lots of time for myself
T Miris F.
I don’t think there is one simple answer for this question. But I think a part of it is having compassion for yourself. I don’t think that guilt and shame should be driving forces in any situation. And if you are having those feelings I think you owe it to yourself to get curious about those feelings. I’ve learned there is a story we are telling ourself a about the whatever is going on and digging into that story is the key. So, whether your lying in bed or writing it down figure out where those emotions are coming from and just start there. It’s not going to be easy because it’s hard to shake what we believed to be true, but I would question how much of what is causing the emotions are backed by fact and how much of them are a narratives that need a little fact checking. And either way don’t judge anything, your feelings, your thoughts, or your behavior, show yourself some love and get curious about what’s really going on.

Lucas Z.
Maybe it would be useful to look at the sources for the guilt and shame. If you are like me, these stem from a perfectionist attitude, which can keep me going until my body can't go anymore. Maybe you should listen to your body telling you it's time to rest. Is what you need to do on your day off really that important? Can you carve out time to reflect on the deeper issues that leave you feeling guilty or shameful for not overachieving on your day off? Could this maybe stem from a deep rooted belief you are not good enough? Or are you trying too hard to please others? This was the case for me. A friend reminded me that you teach others how to treat you by how you treat yourself. So pat yourself on the back for all you did this week, let go of the guilt and shame, and get enjoy your day.
Lance P.
I think you should count to 5 and after that you should stand up at once , even if you are tired ,make it a rule; when you achieve to wake up you will see you dont need to sleep any more
Katie J.
I just really make it my priority to get around 7,5h of sleep pretty much every night, and it is a lot easier and I have more energy and am more motivated when I exercise regularly. I also listen to a morning affirmation video and practice gratitude. When I don’t do these things I don’t want to get up in the morning eaither and fall asleep again and later just watch netflix… and I don‘t like it.
Emeline Y.
Personally I constantly deal with this type of guilt or shame as you put it. What helps me is reminding myself that I am worthy of rest. Giving of mercy to yourself is always necessary in shame/guilt situations. Keeping in mind that there is productive rest and unproductive rest. If you are using rest as an excuse to be lazy, avoid, or procrastinate, then that is why you might feel guilty. If you are resting to regroup, recoup, take time for yourself, and regain energy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Be proud of taking the time to provide self care!
Alison E.
I personally practice acceptance; if I sleep in, I sleep in! Getting done what I can in the time I have is what's important to me. Beating myself up over not completing a habit or task is time and energy I can use to take care of myself and prepare to do my best. Each day is a new beginning. Dwelling on what you've not completed won't help. If sleep is an ongoing issue in your life, look at ways to improve your sleep hygiene and time management, rather than chastising yourself through guilt and shame.
Courtney Q.
It’s easy to let tired be the excuse to not do the routine, but tired just means there’s more work to do to get stronger. My motto is get up even if you have to go back to sleep after the run.
Nascimento Q.
Trying to meet your goals is important but the most important job you have is to look after your health and happiness. I would suggest that you do some planning and organization to make your life better. Don’t try to do it all. Make time for yourself.
Jeff Q.
i just try to do it at some point of the day, I will feel bad at times, but as long as I do it, I stil got it done. Sometimes the day gets hectic and busy, so I try to do something
Cause something is better than nothing, right🤷‍♀️
Gaby Q.
I do not feel guilt or shame. I have learned to listened to my body and if it really needs more sleep and rest or if it is my mind feeling lazy and procrastinating. When you learn to differentiate you can make the right decision.
Eloane Y.
I tell myself that I need the rest. If I don’t get the appropriate amount of rest and instead push myself to work on upcoming deadlines or catch up on things, the quality of that effort may dwindled and I will then have to exert even more time and energy to fix any mistakes I may have made during that fatigued effort. I also then look beyond that and ask myself is the deadline that I have upcoming, realistic. Do I have enough time between now and the deadline to accomplish it during the upcoming work/personal hours? Can I push the deadline back in order to ensure the product is quality? Can I ask for the deadline to be extended? On the flip side, I also ask myself if any of the things I need to catch up on are super quick activities and if so, I prioritize that for when I do finish resting. The work will always be there and even if you push yourself now to work on upcoming deadlines, the only thing you’ll get after those deadlines, are more deadlines.
Rick Z.
Pray and do positive self talk aloud. Try to think and or write about /down 'first things first'- type lists to get going; also to regroup in my mind and think of best tactical way to achieve rest and use down time to be productive
Corey W.
I am dealing better…but not good. I get right away negative about it. Hopefully tomorrow i will wake up early and be able to meet up all my deadlines and do what i should.
Zoe J.
On those kinds of days I have to remember what I'd tell a friend in the same situation. I'm much more kind to others than to myself so I need to remember to take part of the day to recharge. Self care isn't a bad thing, it's much worse if you don't take care of yourself and burnout.
Claudia P.
DON’T be guilty or ashamed. Acknowledge those feelings, if they’re present, but don’t allow them to take over. Your body lets you know what it needs, and if it needs more sleep, give it more sleep. If your body isn’t properly taken care of, you will ultimately be less productive. It’s going to “break down” and THEN you won’t have a choice except to give it what it needs – this time it will take longer than if you had gotten more sleep initially. It’s unlikely you will sleep all day, so SLEEP first, then HIT IT!
Candice S.
I try to recover the lost hour or two, adjust my task, refine, fine tune to keep up the pace…and within mid of the day, i normally observe that I had done pretty well and a good relief from the guilt or shame.
Leslie F.
Your physical well-being is the most important. You can catch-up on things the next day. The guilt and shame are self inflicted. Let yourself experience those feelings and you will see them disappear. Or try to understand which thoughts lead you to feeling that way. For instance, it may a thought like I am a loser, I can't get things done on time. Where in fact you must have lots of examples that shows how successful you are. Try to prove these thoughts wrong by giving examples to yourself when you were the winner. I suggest you read Eckhart Toll.
Scarlett B.
I have to get up the second I wake up and start right away with my tasks. The longer I sit in bed the harder it is to get up. It's like getting my body moving before my brain starts working
Timothee Z.
Glad to know it is not just me. It helps to break the day down into VERY small chunks. I usually hesitate to get up when I am overwhelmed (or I numb myself with videos games). When I promise myself 15 minutes to organize and prioritize and break things down into chewable bites, that’s enough for my “feet to hit the floor”
Helmuth E.
Actually I use my off days as real off days instead of a day where I have to get things done. You should give yourself some quality time to cover up from the week's anxiety etc. I study a really hard major in college and I tried to use my weekends as a day to study; it nearly broke me so taking days off is nothing to be ashamed of and I think it is necessary. Also, when you stop thinking about the things that you should do, when it is not necessary or must in your head, it is really eaiser to get them done 🙂
Marie E.
It's okay! You know, think of it as self-care. Don't push yourself too hard if your body doesn't feel well rested. Give yourself a break, and make sure to set deadlines for completing the tasks you need to get done.
Florian Q.
Honor your body. If you need to rest, REST! You need to take a hard look at what REALLY needs to get done and put yourself first on your priority list so that you can take care of others.
Na L T.
First things first. FORGIVE YOURSELF. When I feel too tired or depressed and want to stay in bed I work harder on getting out and staying out of bed until the evening. It's hard. Super hard. But if you keep punishing yourself, you will feel even guiltier. I make it a rule to only go to bed when I sleep. It's exhausting at first but feels better in the long run. I usually just take it a day at a time.

If you need to talk, I'm here, hit me up on IG – Nyinx

Isaiah J.
Well I think I also deal with shame when I’m not getting up early, and when I get up late I don’t even feel more rested half the time, I can feel more sluggish. I try to forgive myself and try better the next time. And to combat the getting up, recently I tried adding rewards, so today if I got up I get an instant mocha, if I didn’t I would have to give it to my sister. I also hold myself accountable by messaging my friend each night what time I am going to get up each morning, and messaging when I do get up the next morning. Another thing is I try to get to bed earlier the night before to feel more rested and it’s therefore easier to get up the next morning.
Serenity W.
I am kind to myself and listen to my body. The work does not run away and if you are tired your performance will be affected. I grab negative thoughts, notice them and throw them away. I invite positive and take an extra time to nap for extra hour. It makes me more productive at the end of the day.
Hildegunde U.
Motivation Videos!!! They help a lot! It helps to to remind myself why I’m doing something. The stronger your purpose is, the more motivated you are to get out of bed and do what needs to be done. Simple reminders can be powerful enough to give you strength and faith to push on!
Chester Y.
Some clarification might help with a better answer. Do you mean that after a full night of sleep you still need to stay in bed all day to recover from the previous day? If so, you may want to speak to a doctor or therapist because that isn’t normal and you may need medical attention. Depression, anxiety, or even a sleep disorder may be the problem and unfortunately those are issues that don’t resolve themselves on their own so speak to a professional. If instead you mean you still feel tired after waking up in the morning and you want to sleep more then I have a few suggestions. First, wake up at your normal time and conquer the things that need to be done then go to bed earlier that night and bank a few extra hours of sleep. Doing it that way keeps you from disrupting your normal sleep schedule. Second, if you really feel that you are too tired to make it through the entire day then try a short afternoon nap. The Fabulous app offers a better sleep challenge as well as a nap option for your exploration. Try them and see what works best for you. Good luck!
Hannchen J.
I know it is often hard to deal with the guilt, but I personally learn to recognize that I am only human, and that is okay to take time to be relax after a long day work in previous day. I see it as a 'reward', after working hard on something, I deserve to take some time off.. I need to give myself a break.. We are not robot, right? So that is okay to take a day off, to just get relaxed, and chill, because you deserve it.
Sarah J.
I do not deal with it that good.
I get frustated and i get more procrastinator and more demotivator…. and ruins my mode
Eva T.
A good question, I also feel the same some days, but I think we must deal with it by getting up early even if we are tired and we mustfocus on our goals and we must think them every swcond to concentrate
Thea E.
I do not feel that much guilt. I know I need the rest too. However, I also know it is better to get up early and do things. In the end I finish everything at night if have to tho.
Jorge E.
It is a tough one but I try to make it up for it with even the little things. if you skipped exercise then do short one etc. Try to compensate the quilt with smaller things that can accomplished easily.
Ryan Y.
i try to revise my plan and decide between 2 strategies, either sleep some more and do most important action first and rest if i hane time and energy, or wake up, do easy things that take less time, have power nap and then do one most important think.
Maritana Q.
Same thing happens to me sometimes but I found some ways which helps me, I hope it helps you too. Usually we overthink about what we did. For example nobody thinks it's a big deal but I keep thinking about it for hours. When I feel like that I just get out of bed and watch a comedy film or reality show. After that I wear my favourite clothes and I just open a good playlist (ex. Spotify's confidence boost) I say to myself YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE GURL SO GO ON AND LIVE YOUR LIFE!! After all these things I start to believe in myself and do what I need to do. Meetings and cleaning seems fun. DON'T give time to your mind to think all that stuff… That's the only solution I can recommend :))
Altino C.
I don't know. I have a serious problem with the lack of recovery.. when I wake up I feel very sick and unable to do anything. I don't like that. At all, I would love to know if there is a solution to that problem
Louella O.
If you get at least one thing done for the day. At least it's something. Dont take sleeping pills because it will throw you off more.
Zoraia P.
Try thinking further ahead. If you tried to get those things done now when you’re tired it wouldn’t work. Therefor getting some rest is not only a) a way to take care of yourself which should be one of your goals, but also b) one of the steps on your way to get those things done.
Deann Z.
There’s no easy answer, but try to listen to your body and treat yourself the way you would treat a friend (with love and empathy). Sometimes you need to take that time to rest and recover. Add “nap” into your routine! 🙂 That helps me remember its okay to take time to rest. And if I don’t need it I just check it off!
Georgia C.
Over time I’ve come except the fact that I can’t get everything done on just one off day. As far as feeling guilty goes, I feel better when I at least accomplish the most important task. Exercise helps a lot too.
Judith B.
Take short, 20 minute naps. Drink lots of coffee or tea, or stay in your pajamas all day! Do whatever you need to to stay comfortable to get what you need to do done.
L Andre Z.
Just ask myself what is important TO me, FOR me?
Do I really want to choose to give up on ME?
Why did I start in the first place?