Do you know any skills to learn English better?

Jason N.
I don’t know much but much lerning every single day will definitely help. I know from experience because I grew up learning a different language Andy I hadn’t to learn English but I listened to my siblings to see if they’d said anything and always asked what it meant so I hope I helped and i hope you learn English.
Christian N.
Yes, I definitely do! The good thing is: It's not a complicated, ancient, costly formula, but as easy as it is effective: total immersion. Immerse yourself in the English language. Try to turn everywhere you go into the States/England, by listening to podcasts/radio, watching series/movies, reading books, switching every default languages, thinking in it, talking to/chatting with natives, … . You get the idea. The hard part is to get qualified feedback, which is essential though. That's why you need to find someone who's willing to give you just that!
To sum it all up:
1. Find a native speaker who's willing to help you by correcting you (a native teacher, for example, or a language tandem partner).
2. Have lots of conversations. 3. Immerse yourself in the English language.
4. Repeat 2. and 3.
I wish you good luck. You can do it. You'll sooner or later find yourself surprised by the progress you've made. Remember that learning to speak a foreign language is one of the best (and one of the few that've been proven to be effective) brain workouts, so you might as well enjoy it even more. 🙂