What can I do if I tryed everything but I can’t learn anything?

Lorenzo X.
Pause. Take a breath, write down everything you know about the subject. After doing that, check what you wrote with the actual subject. Everything you are missing or is not right is what you need to learn. This will make it easier to narrow down "what to learn"

Fabien Z.
Take it easy on yourself. Sometimes due to the pressure and stress you un/intentionally put on yourself makes you forget things/ do things wrong/ etc. Take a deep breath and believe in yourself. Make sure you are eating healthy, sleeping well, and distressing by exercising/ reading/ painting/ talking about things. Then try and work on what you're trying to remember. I find writing down things to remember better. Also, looking over what I want to remember before bed helps me think about it while trying to sleep and while sleep then remember the next day. Another point, eating walnuts is supposed to be good for memory, try that and take supplements. Hope this helps 😊

Audre P.
it's the small steps that count. it's okay to stagger a bit before forming a habit for example, I tried to stay focused on school work and I usually take a one day break from that cycle to cool myself off before I overwork myself and never focus on. anything.

Lily T.
If you think you can’t learn anything you aren’t being honest with yourself. Reevaluate what you are good or could be could good at and work to improve those things. Then take time to learn one new thing at a time and really commit. You are never good at something new at the start. But you will improve.

Cristal Q.
Hi, I know that feeling can be so frustrating….but the key is not to worry or overwhelmed at all…just keep doing what your are trying to learn…anything because very deep inside of you, the knowledge is staying and in a moment without noticing you are going to do it automatically.

Sigfried U.
Taking time to learn something requires time, effort and determination your not going to get anywhere if you rush trying something and doing a little each day adds up to big results.

Barbara Z.
Find something small: a book of trivia or quotes. When reading, if something catches your interest, research it. It's easy to fall down a rabbit hole when something peaks your interest. Or alternatively, you can watch DIY videos on YouTube or documentaries on Netflix.

Kriti F.
Do need to try everything 😁 ,try to hit one goal per day .l think you would have that much time (i mean 1/2 an hour at aleast) for that (goal) if you really wanna do it, so……you don't have any other options😁. I'm i right?

Takunda Z.
Try and figure out what is stopping you from learning. We all have the capacity to learn, just a case of working out what the barriers are and working through

Sophia E.
Think of anything you might not know. Weather it’s that you don’t know how to bake or it’s that you don’t know how one keeps their house so clean. Think of something you want to know and search it up. Slowly add to this anti and take notes of these things. Make presentations!