What can I do if I tryed everything but I can’t learn anything?

Isabela Z.
nunca desista. se já tentou de tudo, tente tudo novamente, mas com métodos diferentes. trace suas metas com percursos diferentes, até chegar ao seu destino.
Aiden Z.
You should create or set the plans clearly about what time do you get up? What time do you need to study? What time do you have meals? Try everything by your actions. Please don't try to think about anything without doing them. The more you do them, the more you can learn from them.
Line Z.
There is never an end. Keep on trying even if you don't. It isn't easy as the first try but do it again and again. Never give up. Do a bunch of research and succeed. 💛
Meghna G.
A reason for being unable to learn might be you taking the wrong approach. After all, not all of us are built to stare at a book or screen for 5 hours. Try learning with games like Gimkit, and Kahoot. Quizlet is a really good one too! Hope this helps!
Olivia Y.
Always remember that growth is a process. It doesn't happen in a day. You really have to put effort in it. Try to Form healthy habits and always think positive. Try to transform your "I don't want to" into "I am really looking forward to finishing it". You can do it!
Wessal O.
You just have to give yourself time and be patient, our brains are incredible and they are able of unbelievable things you just need to find the way that works for you
Julia I.
That means you haven't tried hard enough. But that doesn't mean that I don't understand what it's like — I constantly experienced this while studying at university: I made notes, highlighted the important words, read out loud, but didn't learn much. Because I didn't want to learn all that stuff that I HAD TO learn. No motivation — no results. But I don't regret not remembering those things — I don't use them, I don't need them, and when I truly need something — I learn it.
Bleach N.
I can help you learn!! Don't you worry I will try to help❤ a cool Trick is to write it all on one piece of paper or in a book you like and read it everyday! Some music helps too! Goodluck on your studies ily
Jisoo X.
Я отвечу на русском, так как мне на нем удобнее излагать свои мысли)
Ответ: сделать как я всю жизнь называть себя тупым отродьем, который не на что не способен) ШУЧУ! Так нельзя говорить, только мне можно:/
Вот правильный ответ: Нужно продолжать верить в себя и делать все возможное, даже если уже устал/а)
Bianka F.
Don't get stressed. Sometimes it could be difficult and if you feel stress about it the learning process would be more difficult so Relax 🙂
Felismino Q.
First of all, everyone can learn things – just some find it harder than others. I think it is best to do a little often. Maybe even 10 minutes a day. If you try to learn just one thing and not a lot of things at once, that can also usually help. Another thing I found helpful is to write important things you need to learn on paper/post-it notes and stick them on your wall or somewhere that you'll see everyday. Don't worry about it too much and don't study all the time as that will needlessly tire you out. It's not the end of the world if you can't remember everything that you need to.
Diane Z.
I guess you didn't try everything. Try to not use your phone as much as it is destroying your focus and try to put all the distractions away while doing your homework
Sofia C.
Keep trying, you'll get there eventually. Don't measure yourself by what you don't know but take what you do know and go from there. Try joining a club or a group and learn a little bit more from someone with a little bit more experience, or watching a video that might give you a visual understanding of what you're looking for. Keep a journal and track your process as you go, and see what you can recall with out opening it. Maybe you might also be trying too handle too many things at once, try creating a schedule or set a time limit in which you focus specifically on what you want to study. Try not to be hard on yourself when you don't get it right away either, maybe you are getting into something more advanced and need to take a step back to relearn something you might of missed or forgotten or you may also so need a little bit more practice. Keep trying you got this!
Lorenzo X.
Pause. Take a breath, write down everything you know about the subject. After doing that, check what you wrote with the actual subject. Everything you are missing or is not right is what you need to learn. This will make it easier to narrow down "what to learn"
Beatrice W.
Focus on that particular thing . Don't give up until you get what you want . Always remember "Hard work beats talent" . When you do it for the first time it'll be difficult but if you do it each and every day , it'll become easy to you .
Anatole U.
Pray for wisdom and understanding to be able to retain information. That's what I did. And it helped but I made it my goal and did it everyday.
Annna Z.
Every human being has different capabilities.No human is born without any talent or ability.Take it slow. Understand yourself because you are only person in this World to recognise your inner self. All others are just supportive systems, you need them only when you are confused. All the initiation processes are in your hands
Ana S.
Heyy!! You should try to learn things by yourself, at your rythme and in your own way. You may start by something easy and time by time try to get where you want and learn the things you planned to learn.
Fabien Z.
Take it easy on yourself. Sometimes due to the pressure and stress you un/intentionally put on yourself makes you forget things/ do things wrong/ etc. Take a deep breath and believe in yourself. Make sure you are eating healthy, sleeping well, and distressing by exercising/ reading/ painting/ talking about things. Then try and work on what you're trying to remember. I find writing down things to remember better. Also, looking over what I want to remember before bed helps me think about it while trying to sleep and while sleep then remember the next day. Another point, eating walnuts is supposed to be good for memory, try that and take supplements. Hope this helps 😊
Sanny L.
List down what u have tried (every single one), and beside it, why it didn’t work, and how you would like it to work.

Then, write the opposite of those things. What would those achieve?

Audre P.
it's the small steps that count. it's okay to stagger a bit before forming a habit for example, I tried to stay focused on school work and I usually take a one day break from that cycle to cool myself off before I overwork myself and never focus on. anything.
Savannah N.
Give your mind a break. Step away from it and then come back with fresh eyes. Maybe take a nap or a bath or something you enjoy or may help you relax.
Emma O.
With school? Well if you keep trying to learn things for your classes and your gaining no knowledge from it then try getting a tutor! They match their speed with your learning speed. But if you don’t want to get a tutor then try asking you teacher more questions during class or asking them after class and be detailed with your questions!! That really helps me when I am struggling to learn the lessons!
Takunda Z.
Try and figure out what is stopping you from learning. We all have the capacity to learn, just a case of working out what the barriers are and working through
Kimmy P.
Try taking a different approach to learning something new by diving deep into what you want to learn and how you learn best. Do you learn better alongside somebody or by yourself? Do you like taking your time learning something or like to dive right into it? Are you a tactile, visual, or audio learner? What is your top priority that you want to learn first? Remember that learning takes time, so take things one step at a time until you've realized you're getting closer to your goal. Be kind to yourself throughout the whole process!
Jenny J.
I feel time is short when I get up late each day . Get up early each day I keep remind my self. Once I get up early I feel energetic,cday is longer to me ,I can enjo the day light,enjoy learn ,enjoy taking time break,enjoy reading and learn my favourite magazines. I really need to to bed early and get up early,I feel great 9 hours sleep
Nicolas E.
Honestly I've also just joined this, I got a 25% feeling of what you asking me. However I'm learning that it's for self discipline and being more organized in life and your to do's. As time goes you'll realize how you've changed for the better and the better person you are
Jackie B.
This was me last year or so before using fabulous. I put on more weight on my plate than what I truly could’ve handled. So I always set myself for failure since I also didn’t use much resources cuz some be extremely overwhelming with soo much that is out there but not clear enough and others have fees which I can’t afford as of rn.
Abby T.
It depends on what you are trying to learn. Sometimes taking time off to relax and not think about learning a certain thing helps you to get back to it with a fresher mindset, especially if it's repetitive learning like studying in class or for a degree. If it's learning something you are doing for yourself, then start small, maybe find a way that works in learning other things which can help, look at how you learn other similar information and try to apply it to this. If you also teach it to yourself as if yiu were someone else, it tends to help you learn easier. It's also always good to make sure you understand what you are learning and that you can simplify it for others. If you can teach it to a kid in simple terms then it's a good way to tell if you understood the basics of a subject.
Hazel C.
Notes may help! Pick a topic read it thoroughly, recall what you understood, reread it and try to memorize. Try to write the memorized topic in your own words and you don't need to struggle with the bookish language. The next time when your exams are close you can take out the notes and memorize them again.
Jana Na Q.
Well I view anything I do as inefficient so I don't have much to say. But there are things that I've been doing that are showing results. For example; If you're in a situation where everything's too hard and you're too pressured then just reset. Not to laze about it but forget about all of the pressure and things you need to do and set one goal, then work your way from there.
If you're at your limit and you barely had any progress you're probably burnt out or the likes. I suggest you take a rest and get your mind off of it, a few days/weeks would do depending on how tired you are. If you have a hard time on comprehending on this concept try to look for people that know the things you wanna learn and seek out for help, stranger or not as long as you learn. If you're genuinely trying to learn something with not too much difficulty and just some need motivation I suggest look up about people who do the things you wanna learn, they may inspire you. To avoid procrastinating I like going with the phrase 'suck it up and do it' but not everyone's the same so work with what you do best. Please don't compare your own works/thoughts etc. with others. It may bring you down no matter what you say. Take it slow, don't rush it. Learning takes time and understanding.
That's all I have, goodluck with your goal ^^ and tried* btw
Linh N.
Tôi đã lười biếng, viện cớ, lừa dối chính mình, những kế hoạch, thử thách đều bị tôi phá hỏng. Tôi đã không đủ cố gắng quyết tâm cho những ước mơ của chính mình. Uớc mơ của tôi vẫn ở bên tôi đã tin tưởng tôi. Để tôi có thể biến nó thành sự thật nhưng tôi đã lười biếng.
Adrien E.
Hey first of all i want to let you know that you are appreciated i love you verry much we all do and hey it doesnt matter if you tried everything but you did'nt learn anything you are not alone bc neither did i i am sure you are gonna do it one day if you wont give up remember we all love you ❤❤🤍
Danelia Q.
I would suggest getting rid of distractions. Also it helps to make notes and break down each section and really understand it before moving on to the next.
Gereon O.
Learning isn’t always about trying everything. For me, I like to search ‘I’m feeling curious’ on google and read some facts. That way I know I’m learning. We could talk to our friends and learn something new about them. Maybe the way they act or if they thought a new Netflix show was bad. You could cook something or bake. You could read or explore a subject. You could learn more about yourself by having a self-care day.
Lily T.
If you think you can’t learn anything you aren’t being honest with yourself. Reevaluate what you are good or could be could good at and work to improve those things. Then take time to learn one new thing at a time and really commit. You are never good at something new at the start. But you will improve.
Grete F.
Believe or not you try again and again and again and if that still doesn’t work,then u don’t just give up like that tf? You work harder to achieve your goal,if there’s a problem u fix it,you try and try again.Never. Give. Up its not a option in success. You’re strong u can get through it,yes there’s going to be challenges and yes it’s gonna be a steep hill to climb but hold on ! You’ve got this.We both believe u can do it.Keep going hard work pays off.You WILL achieve your goal and u WILL be happy :)) so enjoy it
Sophia E.
Think of anything you might not know. Weather it’s that you don’t know how to bake or it’s that you don’t know how one keeps their house so clean. Think of something you want to know and search it up. Slowly add to this anti and take notes of these things. Make presentations!
Katie P.
Sometimes conventional methods of studying just arent for you. It took me years to figure out that due to my learning disabilities i not only learn slower but also very differently than others. Loud music actually helps me concentrate even tho it distracts most other people. Maybe you can try different "forbidden" techniques. Also you might wanna scout the Internet for people who have similar problems and look at what their solutions are. Dont beat yourself up if things dont work right away it takes time and experience to master learning.
Good luck, friend. I believe in you
Bastien P.
Never give up and keep trying of your really struggling go talk to someone you know understands you and can help you make sure you know that there are always people there for you have a good day 🙂
Alvin Z.
What I try to do is not have too many goals. Focus on one thing at a time, whether that be, having a glass of water with every single meal, or exercising every day. My current goal is exercising every day, how I have been doing this is looking at the pros to this situation, “What will this bring me?” Then answer yourself, “a healthier lifestyle, etc.” It takes time to develop new habits and it will take a little while but if you focus on just one goal every 2 weeks, I guarantee that it will help. Try not to overthink it and remember, success takes time <3
Anielo Q.
Everything wasn't tried, don't limit yourself to just what you know or are comfortable with. Sometimes you think you tried everything when really you just tried what you were comfortable with because it was safe.
Aisyah F.
Try to chill and have a time at the topic taht you wanna fo us at.. Try go sometime go outside for meditate ourselves.. It useful on me..
Reshma X.
Do nothing for sometime and you will automatically crave what you really are interested in! Being in your boredom is the best place of creation of ones own self. Because when you will do nothing your mind will tell you to do something and for coming out of your boredom you mind tells what it craves to be, your heart screams what it yearns to be. And you'll find yourself!
Cristal Q.
Hi, I know that feeling can be so frustrating….but the key is not to worry or overwhelmed at all…just keep doing what your are trying to learn…anything because very deep inside of you, the knowledge is staying and in a moment without noticing you are going to do it automatically.
Jacob S.
I would take a break to ease my mind and the pressure I am putting myself. Then I would ask myself how am I feeling? Is there something that’s occupying my mind that is stopping me from learning. I would just take the day for myself and come back the next day. Moreover, I would ask for help if I can’t do it alone.
Ivone W.
May be you should not judge yourself too early. You should trust the whole process. For some people it takes more time to implement . So believe in yourself first 😊.
Sara E.
That looks like me in math- I don't know either, look for some method that will help you learn more easily and in your own way. When you find out how, tell me too
Joan E.
Maybe it's because you are not interested in that thing or you may not have Focused properly. You always don't have to try everything. Do what makes you happy , and then invest your everything on that.
Efrosini P.
Sometimes our mind shuts down . When you try hard to learn something but nothing is coming out it means that while you study you don’t absorbe any information. What you need to do is find a way to make this exciting and fun so you don’t get bored , but first you really need to take a break . Also finding a study buddy is really helpful , it doesn’t have to be in the same room with you many people try studying with celebrities online or just use a virtual study buddy . My point is if you try all those things and nothing is coming out of it again that means that you are not really into the subject that you are studying.
Sigfried U.
Taking time to learn something requires time, effort and determination your not going to get anywhere if you rush trying something and doing a little each day adds up to big results.
Ira Z.
i can put my phone away and try to focuse by giving myself a time limit and do work for 25minutes and take a break for 5minutes
Johanne O.
See which techniques worked a little better than other or mash some together to see which ones would be able to match your lifestyle and learning ability. Then create a list of things that worked and consider other factors like distractions, time and energy level. Maybe some techniques work but take more focus or practice, so try telling someone to keep u accountable and keep trying. Also consider the fact that techniques should be tweaked based on the material being studied
Chelsea V.
I don't think you'd be able to not learn anything with this app.
It's legit the best.
But just in case
Try again💜
Failure means you're trying
Sing Y.
If you tried everything and doesn’t work then practice harder have you heard of the quote practice makes progress not perfection.
Eda N.
I should probably go slower than I’m going to focus one thing at a time, but this 3 days have ben good i tryed this things and definitely learned somethings and i was more productive and my anxiety and depression kinda left me alone a bit so yeah👍
Martina P.
Chewing gum is proofed that helps you with studying. I mean when u chew the same gum when u studied you are supposed to remember that.
Caroline P.
Sometimes the best thing to do is accept things as they are and make changes in your own processes to not allow a negative or toxic person to continue their pollution in my air space.
Barbara Z.
Find something small: a book of trivia or quotes. When reading, if something catches your interest, research it. It's easy to fall down a rabbit hole when something peaks your interest. Or alternatively, you can watch DIY videos on YouTube or documentaries on Netflix.
Rokhaiya O.
U cant lose hope over this. Dude you need to cultivate a habbit of learning but even though if your notgetting the solution try checking the websites which can solve your problems
Vaishnavi W.
Be more positive and determined….do this to improve u do not take this as a punishment…. expect positive and live it… good luck
Debra J.
Well. There are 2 zones when carrying something out. A growth zone and a performance zone. The growth zone is where you make mistakes when trying something new, it is the place where u learn something from scrap. The performance zone is where you performed what u learned to the best of your abilities. This is where mistakes are not made and everything should go perfectly. Maybe u have been spending too much time in your performance zone that you don't learn anything anymore?
Ph M.
يجب ان تبقى تحاول حتى النهاية لان لابد لك من النجاح في شي ما انا متاكد ان هناك شي انت لافضل به وايضا لان النجاح ياتي بعد الفشل الكثير لا تأس انت لست فاشل ولا يوجد هناك مستحيل في هذا العالم لا يوجد ابدا شي مستحيل ان كنت مستمر بالمحاولة
Nadzifah O.
dont push urself too much. Atleast u’re trying, its a good thing. But if u tried over and over again but you’re not into it, just leave it. Try another thing
Lillian T.
Sometimes the more you over think something the harder it will be to remember it. Don’t put so much pressure on it and you’ll be okay. Give your brain and body time to process new information. Write down all that you learn, then take a break and come back to it when you’re a little more relaxed. Don’t over work yourself. 🙂
Karla U.
Teach Someone Else (Or Just Pretend To) …
Learn In Short Bursts of Time. …
Take Notes By Hand. …
Use The Power of Mental Spacing. …
Take A Study Nap. …
Change It Up.
Alice F.
I don’t have a grate answer to this but I can give some tips, first (my experience) there are 3 different groaned ways to learn and that are reading, wraith tingling and listening. A kombinatiohn of this 3 always makes the best resolute, but the thing is that you need to focus on the one of this 3 that are most effective fore you. Then I recommend focus on that and try to find a new way.
Faith Q.
If you’ve tried everything but haven’t learned anything, then you haven’t tried it all. I used to feel the same way. As if i’d done everything I could and learned or changed nothing. You haven’t found something that works for you yet. Keep searching. Put yourself first
Ayush G.
I just remembered a story after hearing this question. The story: Once there was a village in Africa. It was the time of summer. The village were facing scarcity of water. People were dying because of lack of water. Then they decided to dig a well in the area of the Village. The villagers could not decide where to dig a Well, then They just dig a well in a random place. After digging about 20 feet below they could not see any trace of water. Then one of the Villagers said that , “ I knew there wouldn’t be any water in that place I told you guys to dig close to a Fig tree.” Then the villagers digger 20 feet deep under the ground near the fig tree but they could not see any trace of water there too. Again then another told, “ I knew you wouldn’t find any water there dig near the neem tree that’s where you’ll find water.” Then the villagers dug near the neem tree again after 20 feet below still there was no sign of any water. Then all the villagers were depressed. A wiseman came and said, “ If you all had just dug a hole on the same place deep all the way down 100 feet instead of digging everywhere little little, you would have better chance of getting the water.” Here what the story wants to express is instead of trying everything and giving up soon , do one thing and just continue until you become successful in it.
Kriti F.
Do need to try everything 😁 ,try to hit one goal per day .l think you would have that much time (i mean 1/2 an hour at aleast) for that (goal) if you really wanna do it, so……you don't have any other options😁. I'm i right?
Lauren S.
Talk to your self ask your soul what you want do you want to stay same like before tired and just laying here and there no
… it's life we get it once so let's just enjoy it and do everything possible thing and make everything possible
Clifford O.
You should keep going. It might seem difficult the first time you do something, but keep going. I know it might sometimes be really hard, but you will, one day, see the best results, and look back to your first day.
Annarita C.
Try to focus on yourself before studing and on the idea that you could do anything you want with work and concentration, after that take the thigs that you have to learn and try to divide it into smaller thing. You can creat a map ( if you are studing for school there are a lot of cool website where you can fide maps for every subject) or a list . If you forget something, it doesn't matter, concentrate on the fact that you remembered the others. I believe you can do it, now it your turn to believe in yourself.
June S.
First need to know what is it about. Read that text loud many times and try remember in smaller pieces. Repeat it many times as you fynally know it all.