How do you focus yourself on studying and and not get distracted?

Brooklynn T.
I use fabulous deep work session!!! It helps me so much. Also a distraction page. When I find myself distracted, I write down why and commit to getting back to work. It’s like a mini accountability contract. If I’m working for long periods of time, I like to live my the 35, 15, 10 rule. Work on something big or important for 35 minutes, switch to a small fast you can finish in 15, and then take a 10 min break. No more, no less. I sometimes will extend the 35 minute slot by a little if I am on a roll, but never work for more than an hour without a 10 minute break!
Victoria Z.
Thinking about my future and why I should do this and why it’s so important to me also thinking how it’s gonna be helpful in future because any information is valuable