I am currently an adult attending college – I have a kid, work full time but still need time to study. Any advice?

Elijah F.
Well, you could try to have a fix time per day to study. Then everyone knows you're not available at that time because you need to study. I don't know how young your kid is but maybe it already understands it.
Another tip that might help is this: Get up earlier. But watch out: if you can't go to bed earlier because of fixed dates then you also have to think of the amount of sleep that you physically (and psychologically) need. But if you can manage to do so then get up earlier to exercise (you feel more motivated after finishing a workout and being refreshed by the shower afterwards). It's the best way of starting a day. Or get up earlier to study. When no ones awake then it's quiet enough, no one will disturb you and you can concentrate. My personal tip: do both. First exercise to get up and get motivated and then sit down to study when everyone's still sleeping!;)
Another tip (depending on how this works with your child) is studying somewhere else than home, for example in a library.
I hope, at least one of these tips works for you!:)