How do you retain focus without zero distractions? Between social media, phone, and a puppy! Also how to drive away negative thoughts of worry and anxiety in the middle of important tasks such as giving yourself time to learn and study?

Andre G.
Hi, it’s a daily challenge actually. I keep my phone on do not disturb so I control when I want to call/text people back. Instead of instantly replying when I hear my phone go off. I’ll set a timer to remind me to only spend X minutes on social media. I also try to play with my dogs a little bit to wear them out before sitting down to study so they just nap near me instead of wanting attention. I also put ear plugs in to minimize noise and try to inform people at home to not bother me for X amount of time. As for the worry and anxiety, you can try sticky notes or just writing down those thoughts to not be distracted by them and save them for another time to think about or deal with. Setting boundaries and timers really has helped me focus more. Hope that helps!
Tim T.
I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but your not the only one with the same concerns (except for the puppy, unfortunately) so keep going 💪💪 you’re not alone