What is your study schedule?

Meggen F.
I don't have a schedule. My time commitments change daily. I try to choose a time where I know I can put everything else aside and just concentrate on deep work. It's true that I'm more successful when I make it a priority. I'm more likely to complete my work by doing it at the first possible time in the day, instead of scheduling it later in the afternoon or evening when it's easy to "run out of time".
Curtis U.
Monday And Wednesday 10:00am to 11:15am
Friday 10:00am to 1:15pm
Tuesday 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Saturday 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Sunday 4:00pm to 9:30pm
Jessica G.
As a polyglot, I usually spend my evenings relaxing while practicing all the languages I speak. Accompanied by a cup of herbal tea with honey, of course.
Janet Q.
My sturdy schedule encompasses about 20 mins and at least 5 pages every morn

Also gather news on all social and multimedia during the course of the day
At night a few reflections of how the day and what lesson learnt and improvements to be made.

Hazel X.
I'm a vet student so I have a ton of studying to do! I set myself a target of 45 mins when I get home from uni, then the rest of the evening is all mine! If I'm all caught up, I can have the day off 🙂
Katrine Z.
Currently being a study abroad student I study after school for approximately a hour + everyday. I also study whenever I have free time. I have tons of apps on my phone that I use as study tools and guides so I can do it whenever and wherever.
Magda E.
I am a student. I come from school at 13.30 and relax. I eat, relax etc. Then at about 16.00 I start studying. I study for 30 minutes and then have a break ( 5-10 minutes). I do that until 20.00 and then stop. Tip: do not push yourself 😊
Darrell Y.
I am reacquainting myself with a foreign language using the Memrise app. After getting ready for bed, I will go a few rounds/levels or until I start to get tired. It is a more constructive switch from late night video games and lets my brain process what I learned or practiced after I've gone to bed. This method wouldn't work for something like studying for a professional certification, but it is relaxing and fun.
Sunshine N.
I am homeschooled so my study schedule can be different especially since I work full time as well. It could be done early in the morning around 7am or 8am depending on how the morning is, or if not it could be in the afternoon or late at night after dinner
Carol E.
I study in the evening usually around 8 and I study for several hours or somewhere around there depending on how much energy I have
Ine Marit F.
I’ve found that i consentrate best around 10-1500 and from 20-0000, so since i want to have a good dayrythm, i preger the 10-15 ☺️ But if something come up, i will make use of the 20-00-peak! 💪🏻

I recommend that you pinpoint when you’re consentration is at its best and make it from there. Everyone is different 🤷‍♀️

Katherine N.
I study after i read based off of finance or something related to advancing my skills for work. I spend 45 min . While i have my daughter study too or i will listen to lectures while i get ready or while im cleaning ill carry my laptop room to room and listen.
Rangadevi P.
It depends on the weight of your courses. Consider that you have a 3 credit hour course. You'd expect (to succeed and really grasp the material) to study about 9 hours for this weekly. Consider there are 5 workdays in a week, and you might want to keep the weekends off, or work then, you should divide the work so that you're doing a little bit every day. It helps with memory, and ensures that you get the work done.
Allan T.
I will first get all homework done and out the way and any remaining time in the week I will use to write revision cards for sociology
Raghavi C.
I have Biology exam tomorrow… So I need to prepare for it… To be prepared with 16 chapters in just one day… And that's quite easy… Bcoz I loveeeeee biology 💪😄🤗
Catarina N.
I study from 9 am to 8 pm, taking breaks to eat, stretch,etc on weekends. On weekdays I study on the afternoon. I take sometime before going to sleep to watch Netflix and spend some time on my phone.
Noah C.
Research shows that you study better when you break it into parts instead of study for a few hours straight. So I study for an hour and then take a short break and repeat that a few times until I feel like I know the material.
Ma Lie Z.
Usually in the day when I have free time. But I haven’t been able to study lately. At nights I find myself too exhausted to learn something new And challenging honestly.
Nasstasia Z.
In the "holidays" or study phase I do 1.5h in the morning, afternoon and evening & I study a subject for a maximum of two days. Seems to be working out well for me 🙂
Rico N.
I’m not a student so I study what I want when I can which is usually a couple of hours a day learning something new and interesting.
Peter N.
I usually study after school and I try to make myself some flash cards to study with and if you can bring someone from your class to help and study with
Melissa Q.
My study schedule is mostly after school. Starts at 4pm on weekdays (mondays at 3pm) but obviously starts early on weekends, pretty much at 11am. I try to keep up with my schedule, even if it’s hard, i try. I need it anyway. It’s for my own sake.
Larissa Y.
So after I come back from school, I eat and take a little brake from all my school stuff. Before I start studying, I gather everything I need (materials, pens, a snack and water) so I don’t have to keep getting up. First, I study the hardest thing first, just to get it over with. I take a little 5-minute brake every time I finish an assignment, just to rest a little. Then, I continue studying until I get to the easiest homework. I like to study with headphones on, because if it’s too quiet, I will easily get distracted. Also I usually do my homework on my bed, but I think I want to motivate myself to do it at a table. Hope it was helpful☺️