How do you organise your learning?

Maja X.
I read and study quite a bit for work. I prioritize and organize based on work related requirements. Home study is usually based on my interests in nature and adventure.
D Borah E.
I try to do things that take time in the mornings and the faster ones in the evening, I also try not to have too many similar assignments one after the other
Sara G.
I organize my learning by scheduling each subject for different times. And I always have a neat and organized desk and folders. (folders are a great organization for papers and small books) And I will always try to stay on task and doing my best work without any distractions.
Storm C.
I either review what I've learned for my study that day or (if it was only exercises that day) I look up the featured article of Wikipedia and read it
Karl J.
well .im still trying ti master that one haha.
if i read and my mind goes all over the place .i reread and write down the what is inspiring to me .
Manuel Z.
In the morning I learn at school,then on afternoon I do my homework or study. At night I will read manga’s so,I can have alot of vocabulary.
Angelita Q.
There is a Wikipedia article entitled "Outline of Academic Disciplines" that I use as a guide, only focusing on subjects I like but being careful to be thorough about related interdisciplinary subjects.