what kind of topic to learn is most important for you

Claire Z.
Any topic that helps me at the time! I find that a fitness or health topic helps me stay motivated and aware of the good and bad! 🙂
Leeloo W.
Any kind of topic that can help me improve in any aspect of my life. Be it for work, or for leisure. For example, if I trip somewhere, learn a bit of the language for a better experience. If I need to learn about a software for work, or if a friend like to see a certain artist or movie or museum, learn a bit about it so we can discuss about it. Might be that it won't interest me much, but I will learn a bit and my friend will be grateful she can talk about it. You don't have to fully learn to the expertise point about something. Just a bit is enough
Maelya U.
Right now, zoology (because I'm studying it at uni). But in my life, how my mind and heart connect and physical balance.