Do you have any ideas for a good desk layout? For example, what should go where? I’m having a de-clutter and tidy-up!

Jorge E.
I love organising so this is gonna be fun! I try to make a small vision in my mind before tidying something up! If you're organising your desk try to make portions of different types of objects. For example all kinds of large things such as a tape dispenser and stapler can be set into one side and then pens/pencils can be stored in a cup, glass or any kind of holder. Smaller things such as erasers, pins, etc can be put into smaller boxes. You can make paper boxes (there are many tutorials online) to store all these things together in, and then smaller containers to keep the things inside. While cleaning up make sure u get rid of things u don't need. Ask yourself this question: "will I need it in the next month?" if you answer no then move on to trash, if yes then find some place you can store it neatly. As for papers or books that stay on your desk you can always keep them on the opposite corner of your storage box that looks really nice. Also buy or make (out of a ceram box) those holders that have a diagonal opening (you know what I'm talking about?) those are so convenient! Have fun and good luck!!