How do you get a day back on track following interruptions? Starting task

Gustav Thomsen
Honestly, we may be very similar! I just do the best I can to catch up. Majority of the time I've completed many of the tasks. I just need to check them off and complete a few more. I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to work like that, lol but it's where I'm at right now.

If you go back to what was mentioned when you first began using this app- to start out small and work your way up to more tasks… If you're finding yourself playing catch-up or frazzled that you aren't getting things done-maybe you could reevaluate your list to better accommodate your current situation. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Avery Nguyen
I would start again the next day as normal, as I don't think a day would matter much, but if u didn't keep to the routine over the week , then u would need to adjust your plans.

Ludgero Moraes
Deep beathes
Count to 10
Basic Stretch
I always keep my to do list handy, sometimes I can tick other tasks off
So what if you do 9,5,1

Diana Perry
I just do it… I learned over time that saying "oh well I didn't do it so might as well start Monday (or the next day) leads to a loop of not really doing anything…