How to study for long hour

Claude T.
• Put away distractions
• Look for a good place to learn ( library, … ) but don't learn on the couch or bed
• focus on one thing
• always have some snacks by your side
• take 15 min. breaks
Tomekia Z.
I am happy to answer this question of how to study for long hours? Answer to that: it is very easy when you are doing some fun journaling or something important and you know its going to take some time insert breaks! Make it to be as if you are your own boss and can take 1-2 small breaks to get you through whatever you are journaling on. That's what works for me and instead of listening to the TV or your typical music think about listening to meditation music and watch yourself soar, lol. Hope this helps! Thanks for asking.
Angel N.
What I do to help me study longer is eat a good meal before studying, and make sure you're in a relaxing and calming area. Make sure there r no distractions and don't use ur phone. Happy studying!
Jing F.
You should study in an environment that suits you best to help you focus. If you really cannot focus then try the pomodoro method. You must keep away all distractions and make your task clear. Also do not study straight for hours as you will easily run out of motivation and you will also exhaust yourself. Do a break every 1-2 hours. A break should be about 5-10 mins. Enough for rest but not too much. Slowly motivate yourself everyday and tell yourself you are improving. Be disciplined if you want to study for a longer time.
Aldalgisa A.
Set up a good work space – clearing things out the way to create a room that you can focus in. Put on calming repetitive music (to limit distraction) and utilise natural light to illuminate the space. Put in a five minute timer to sit down and study with no distractions and work from there.
Donald E.
Being motivated using fabulous rewarding yourself having a snack after each session watching study with me videos 📹 and a motivating and spacious work space
Rachel P.
Keep a timer set for 20 minutes to break the long hours of study into manageable chunks.

Once you have completed two twenty minute periods, you can take a break for 10 minutes and then go back to studying within a twenty minute time span continously or without breaks.

Sonal P.
It's not necessary to study for long hours, you can study for time that is comfortable for you. Even if you're studying for 15-20min do your best in that 20 min. Never study hard always study smart 😉
Kirk Z.
Need to take breaks. For example, focus on studying for 15 minutes and then make a break for 5 minutes. Then focus 20, break 5….
For me this works amazing because you learn a lot at the end, and you have a lot od break too
Khadeeja X.
Studying can be quite hard especially if you have distractions near you…. I suggest putting your phone away and keep distractions aside and that way you can get most of your work done in less then an hour but do what works for you!
Xana Z.
Beta waves sounds help me focus. Also do bigger breaks and use the pomodoro method. I really struggle to focus and this works wonders for me
Caterina N.
Usually I go to the library and study there with some relaxing music. I take a few breaks in between so that I feel refreshed to study.
Delani C.
When you decide to study , but you're too lazy for that. Then think about how succesful you can be in life with higher studies with a good job and a handsome amount of salary. You will automatically get motivated and start studying on your own, divide the subjects with the time you have and dont use social media during breaks it takes a long time to get off those things.