How to improve the speed of learning and maintenance of learned knowledge?

Sedat E.
Practice daily is very important to create persistence and consistency. Also, it makes you more self-disciplined. Practice what you learn multiple times to make it stick in your brain. Very important. And then, practice practice practice
Shabi N.
I personally think that spaced repetition is the best way to retain knowledge. I'd recommend to look up software such as Anki for it.
Artur X.
I set out time daily just for learning new things and taking notes on them. I also listen to podcast throughout the day.
Dylan U.
pomodoro technique. Look it up. Use a timer and quiz yourself. The more u quiz yourself the better bcs itโ€™s active learning
Susanna X.
For my learning style to improve the speed and maintenance of my learned knowledge I must write down all that is important to me. I have a photogenic memory so when I read them write out what I'm learning it is embedded even deeper into my memory. It also keeps my mind focused on what it is that I am learning without going off into the wilderness of my thoughts.
Isa E.
Incorporate lots of different kinds of media that cover the same subject to stay active and curious; books, videos, guided meditations, journaling, online courses, documentaries, forums ect.
Apolo F.
Just focus on what you really want to change and after a while you will get the hang of it set reminders and be sure to listen to them you'll notice a BIG difference ๐Ÿ˜‰