How can I make the time to study and be motivated?

Bobby E.
Well, Making time to study is a result of your motivation to do good and actually try. If you’re not making the time then you are not motivated and its that simple. If you’re having trouble finding motivation then you need to reevaluate and make changes. Maybe your studies are boring go on the web and find interesting things related to topic. Maybe you just despise studying; take a moment to reflect on what you want from this class or this semester and use that as motivation to study because I guarantee what you really want is good grades and bragging rights. Bragging rights only come with the good marks. And never forget to pamper yourself during stressful studies!!!
Johan G.
I think you have to pick something you want to learn so that you’re interest helps to motivate you. It is easier to make time to study if you have a goal to focus on, you should like your goal. If you’re not interested in your goal it’s harder, if not impossible, to motivate yourself to do the work to achieve your goal. We generally work harder to earn things that we want. If you pick something you want to learn more about studying becomes easier because you’re interested.
Heike J.
I am motivated by the option to feel free and liberated when I’ve completed something I needed to do. You just have to start, don’t think about it, don’t give your inner child the chance to distract you, just start right away and you’ll see, you won’t be able to stop.
Laurine N.
Motivation, unfortunately, isn’t the best thing all the time, on the other hand man should learn to stick to his task on a regular basis at certain time and obligate himself to do what’s supposed to do “As the fact we all are human, it’s fine to be lazy, apathetic, tired and disappointed but what matters is that you get back quickly on the way!😌”
Anthony U.
I have needed to reorganise my entire life to be internally motivated and enjoy studying. Previously a single mum full time work and more plus studying at masters level- it was all about everyone else rather than me. Like many women I have been socialised to the female role in society with emphasis on giving more and more with little support for my own personal and professional development. That happily is now passed. I no longer turn to alcohol subsequently have more energy and clarity of thought and greater happiness. My ability to learn has improved and I’m less defensive.
James S.
To have motivation to study you can first create/find an environment that brings you joy and everything that you need to study. When deciding to start you can allow yourself to quit after 15 minutes of work. If you really don't want to continue after that you can do something else and try again later for 15 minutes. If this is too much you can start with 5. If you get in a flow try the pomodoro technique. That might work and improve your concentration on the long run. It is better to study for 5 or 15 minutes instead of doing nothing. Keep that in mind. Even if you only study 5 minutes a day. It is countless times more than if you don't study at all because of the intimidating amount of time that you would be studying if you were a perfect ravenclaw Hogwarts student. The same advice applies to everything: don't be too hard on yourself
Malthe W.
Find a study buddy. Tell people close to you that that you need to study so they encourage and remind you (and guilt you into doing it).
Quaresma A.
When you Studybudy it’s your own Brain gym / so it is important to set off time for something like this. It teaches you
Edith O.
Viewed as something you want to do and that is something you feel you have to do period. Make a checklist and find a buddy to whom you can comfortably report progress
Isaac S.
Do you find yourself on your phone a lot, scrolling through different forms of social media? Or sitting in front of the TV, watching a show or playing video games? Maybe you spend a lot of time with friends or doing your hobbies?
See how much time all of that adds up to and decide what to limit (limiting social media is great for you in so many ways!) and use the new free time that you have to study, rewrite your notes, read the assigned pages, etc.
Reward yourself every hour by spending 10 minutes doing something to de stress, like meditation or coloring or sending a few snaps!