What are some ways to not procrastinate?

Laura A.
Give yourself little rewards for completing simple milestones that then add up to complete the overall task. Put into perspective how procrastination will only hurt you later and how better mentally you will feel knowing you’ve gotten the task out the way.

Clarisse S.
It's a very bad habit, but you can overcome it by doing it in a smart way instead of a lazy one.
For example I'm procrastinating my reading session so I can finish with my study session, or I need a break first.
Do it and do it smart!

Angelo Q.
Write a to do list and commit to work through it. Turn your phone off or block it. Keep a pad of paper by you and every time you notice you are procrastinating, note down the time and what you did. Then get back to work. This ‘actually noting myself playing around’ helps me.