Do you have any good tips for staying focused in school?

Georgeta F.
May be these tips will help you out :
1. Do not talk during the class .
2. Make notes .
3. Drink water in between class as drinking water gives oxgyen to your brain which will ultimately gives attention in class breaks walk and do physical movement because physical movements also make brain attentive.
5. Don't hesitate to ask questions during the class .
6. And finally try to have control over day dreaming
Qu Li C.
Don’t sit near people who like to talk or get distracted easily. Don’t sit at the back or right next to your friend sit to the table next to them and in front. Try to visualize everything the teacher says.
Aline J.
Staying committed to your study. You may not enjoy a subject, for example I hated doing geography, but once you decide that to achieve your goal and to do well you need to commit it gets easier. Don’t dwell on the hate you have for that subject, just commit and get the work done.

To an extent, do what makes you happy. Don’t pick subjects you feel you have to take, take subjects you want to take and that your interested in. Don’t choose it because a friend is doing it or it’s the popular choice, doing because you have decided to do it.

Josefo N.
Try keeping distractions ie cellphones, laptops or iPads away. Find something interesting to learn in the material being taught. Studies show people retain more information if they enjoy the subject.