What do you do when you have to study but you feel so lazy and down?

Eva E.
Make something to drink and tell myself that as soon as I start it will get me closer to getting it done
Sometimes a snack or something refreshing really helps with energy
Howard W.
Think about how it will effect my future and remind myself if I don't do my work that it effect my grades witch will effect my futher studies like university
Joshua E.
First off doing 100 pushups a day is a great goal although it would be better to do 5 sets of continuous pushups until fail which allows growth. If your set on doing 100 a day then set a time for yourself, a specific time don’t snooze or put it off always do it at that specific time. Good luck!
Diya Y.
I trick myself into finishing one page then be like okay one more page and we will be done, after that I am like see that wasn't too bad we can do another page too and so on
Nikita G.
I just don't study at that time, but I don't use social media at that time. I try to motivate myself for study bu saying ' It's goona be worthy'

Sorry if there is any spelling mistake 😐

May Z.
When I feel lazy but I have to study, I usually listen to some music to cheer me up or I Watch some funny videos. After that if I'm still lazy I study anyways and if I'm Happy I study Better.