What is the best way to stop procrastinating, and just start on my work? Because I usually end up doing everything else there is to do before I start studying or homework.

Florence E.
The only way to stop procrastinating is to stop procrastinating. If you are aware enough to know that’s what you’re doing, don’t do that.

Checklists and to-do lists that you make with numbered or lettered priorities can help here, too. List what you know you have to do, then do it. Refuse to be distracted until that list is done. Good luck!

Margot E.
I find myself doing the same thing, because I think to myself “ if everything else is finished I will have earned my time to study without distraction.” Truth is that there is never a time when everything is done My issue was getting started and once I get started with my studying, I pretty quickly get into a good groove I am going to try to make sure just two things are done before I start studying (Washing dishes, quick run to corner store). Hopefully this won’t work and that’s what I advise trying
Alicja C.
I can definitely relate, but I don't know if there's anything else other than just doing it. Maybe remove all distractions from your work area. Think of the consequenses of not completing it, or all the good things that could happen if you do
Magnus X.
Do not allow yourself to start thinking about what you have to do because the mind weeds will immediately begin popping up. You can turn on meditation videos on YouTube like Michael Sealey who has two hours of rain sounds, which you can listen to to clear out your mind.
Becky T.
Hello! I think being productive means doing your most important tasks first, when you have more energy and disposition or as soon as are able to do so. Don’t let anything else interrupt you from it and get away from distractions. Rewarding yourself is a good way to commit, as well as setting up timelines and reminders. Good luck with that!
Emma C.
First of all, I’m doing just same as you but then I was thinking maybe if you start to committed into yourself and maybe doing some positive affirmations is going to make you better
Judy S.
For me, diving right into my work helps, it is usually something that I enjoy doing. I like to break it into little chunks to make me feel more accomplished and give me time for breaks where I can reward myself and celebrate my achievements. A good change of scenery helps me the best.

If it’s something that I dread, then the faster I get it done the more time I will have for things I enjoy when I reward myself for a job well done and challenge my mind to see the benefits of the situation. As long as a good intention and shift of focus is in place, I am good.

If not, I like to go out in nature and reflect and mediate or play with my animals and children if you have any. They usually give a good and fun perspective on life.

Hansjoachim O.
My advice/experience would be to keep all the things that would make u procastinate away from urself that way they won't annoy u. Also u have to be dedicated to work. So you have to have studying as the first thing on your mind. Also make sure you study in a room that doesn't have to many distractions. ESPECIALLY not a bedroom cause that's the first place where procastination starts. Maybe In a living room or for some people outside. Always explore with your options that way you'll know which place suites u best and helps u study or doesn't distract u. Good luckk❤️
Louise Y.
Well, I was thinking I was a super procrastinator because all time before work or study I just found million distractions. This app help me to keep in mind what are the important things I should do. I failed but i didn’t drop everything just keep in mind. When you have in your mind what you should do eventually you will find yourself doing it
Ellie O.
I usually do it in the mornings. Keep your phone out of sight and any other distractions and find a spot that you can asociate with focus. Do half an hour of work then a ten minute break. With work and studying, do it creatively.
Jason E.
For me, it helps to have a clean and comfortable environment, it also helps to turn off any electronic devices such as my phone
Alison E.
Taking my night meds earlier I sleep better and wake up with more energy. Drinking water and and taking my meds and vitamins before I get out of bed really helps me to feel more accomplished and ready to tackle my day.
Ava O.
Make a goal for yourself, every time you get to studying, get a piece of paper and write what you have to do during a limited period of time and really set out to finish it. Once you start doing it, initially it might be tough as you might keep getting up but eventually you will really start following a routine and that will change everything. Best of luck
Enrique O.
To be honest, I used to have the exact same issue but I realised it’s all about mentality and making sure you’re actually motivated, I try to encourage myself or tell myself that I’m looking forward to doing the homework. That way I actually want to do it so it’s less of a struggle.
Wallace W.
Well in my opinion it’s the way you’re feeling or the way your body feels.So to stop procrastinating try watch one productive,short YouTube video as a wake up call.Tidy your work space too.Another great option is to grab a healthy,light snack with some cool water right beside you(this also helps to do your work and keeps you hydrated and boosts energy to study.)Also try and keep yourself cool so put your thermostat cooler,wear a light jumper and get your work on.I have faith in you. Whoever You are!!!!!💜
Sisnando Y.
First, find cues that initiate procrastination. For example, when I sit in a certain place in a certain position I tend to start procrastinating. Once you have understood your triggers you can change it. Which is the second step. Consciously avoid the triggers. Sit in a different place with, better posture and start doing work/study. Now that you have formed an association with this certain place/position with work/study, reward yourself with something that genuinely makes you happy (not instant gratification). This will keep you coming back to this association. And this in turn will help you form a habit of studying/working the moment you step into that place.
El Onore Y.
It's always better to start with the difficult things! You should write a to-do list based on you priorities and start with things that are most important and meaningful for you!
Amanda P.
Calculate what your procrastination is ‘costing ‘ you and see it as a price you pay and a loss
Start Small
Keep a clear vision of the benefits or rewards of what you’re doing
Reward yourself

Find someone whom you can be accountable to