It’s difficult to me study at the same time every day, any advice?

Jimmie F.
Basically, you need to start with good motivation and dedication. Write on a note a time on which you want to study and why you started. Make sure it will be visible to you everytime. With the help of Fabulous you can set an alarm. Try to keep all the distractions away while studying. If you feel bore, give yourself a break of 10 mins but it should be exercise, nap etc. Not using social media and sitting at one place you can also get a walk. Remember, dedication and hard work is the ultimate key to success
Rose C.
Study when you can. Rather than going onto social media- take that moment, that stimuli and take a few minutes to study. Obviously this doesn’t mean not setting serious time aside when possible but not breaking the cycle completely.
Pearl P.
At this point I am at best a novice when it comes to study time. The way I am going to attack study time is through not only having that time structured, but my entire day structured. I’ve discovered that having a game plan for the day will allow you to accomplish more work, especially something as important as being studious.