Should I read print books or ebooks?

Claire O.
Read what you prefer…one of the reasons I went to ebooks and invested in a platform or format like Kindle is that I hated seeing the tons of books I’ve accumulated and for some reason it’s very hard for me to get rid of books.

Anyways reading on kindle has been a nice way of reducing the amount of clutter in my home but sadly this last year I was at the dollar tree and saw a couple books that interested me and since they were only $1, I went ahead and purchased them. I did this a few more times. fast forward to today I have purchased around 25 books 😢 anyways I have a problem and ebooks helps.

Although I have a ton of ebooks that i haven’t yet read since they were free and a few I’ve purchased that I still need to read. I now make sure to dedicate an hour a day to get rid of these books and once I’m done I pass them on.

Any new books I buy I think of them as visitors and get rid of them as soon as I’m done. I have fifteen visitors just laying around here waiting to leave. Anyways I already told myself no more visitors and after I’m done with these fifteen I’m limiting myself to three physical books at a time but I rather not if only I could transfer all my physical books to ebooks I would be so happy 😁

Raul E.
Print books are more cool. You build deeper relationships with print books as they got dadicated object magic. They also give you screen-free time.
Juanita Y.
I grew up reading print books. They something to hold and flip pages. I can make notes in the margins.

I've started reading Ebooks and have learned that I enjoy them just as much as print books. Sometimes illustrations come out a little wonkie.

I like both.

Kelly W.
In my opinion, print books are the better choice. You get to keep the book, and it will give you the ability to physically move and feel it. Ebooks are downloaded on phones, and looking at the screen for too long, and up close, could harm your eyes.
Esther F.
Previously, I always preferred only print ones. However I changed my mind and now I read both. For books that I cannot buy the print versions, I will look for them on ebooks. And ebooks are actually convenient for you to read wherever you are. So using both is the best option, it helps you maximize reading time and number of books.
Cecilie W.
Why are you asking this? Reading is reading. Electronic or hard copy – it doesn’t matter as long as you read.
I wonder if it is reading itself which is daunting you? If I’m wrong, my apologies, and just read. Read whenever you can in whatever format suits you.
Aquiles C.
If you’re trying to motivate yourself to start reading again after a big pause, I’d definitely suggest you start with an ebook because you can’t physically see how large it is and it will be less threatening to pick it up, but if you’re concerned about distractions and having too much screen time then paper is the way to go.