I have ADHD and really procrastinate. How can I change my feelings on studying so that it’s something that doesn’t fill me with dread?

Yu L.
First, think about meaning and ask yourself why you have to do these. Then what most important goal you want to accomplish. Breakdown small pieces tasks and make very detail actions plan for them each day. Then make time sheet to track your tasks. Monitor and analyze any off track. Write down reasons causing that and counter actions to avoid in future. Repeat this circle each day. Also during execution tasks, try on focusing in a hour and 5 minutes break in between.

Jacque X.
Start a new study routine! Put on some fun music. Then dance around and gather together all your study materials. Find a comfy spot to study, settle down, and change the music to something more low key. Then start studying.
Repeat every time you study.

Naja E.
Well, I suggest you to don’t stress too much yourself. Start with studying what you like first, or associate something you like with study. (For example, play some music, there are a lot of playlists on YouTube for studying).

Rachel O.
[…] When I wanna procrastinate, I try to remember how it makes me feel when I know I didn't study enough for an exam or something like that. I don't wanna feel disappointed or angry about myself, etc. Good luck 🙂