How can I force myself to start with studying?

Tracey U.
Well, you shouldn’t really force yourself. As soon as you get home, all you need to do is start. As someone said, “The greatest trick to accomplishing is to start”. If it’s too long for you to do, take 5 minutes for a study break. Reward yourself with anything. Then, when 5 minutes is over get back to studying. Another way is to motivate yourself. What motivates you to study?
Cody P.
You need to remember why you are studying in the first place. Reflect on why studying is important to you, and exactly how the topic is important to learn. Then, you can identify what you need to learn in 20 hrs. Aim to learn this first, then take a break. Digest and reflect, then start again.
Sherri J.
First start slow just like with everything else. Then make it fun for yourself, you can do a game show with your friends or family, you could make up your own quiz or find someone else’s. Just trick your brain to thinking your having fun or better just have fun with it!
L Andre W.
If it's something I'm not interested in I wait until the last moment and the time pressure gets me through it. The next best way is to find something you like about it and use that to drive your interest. The best way is to study what you love
Stanislaw F.
Start with a small, easily attainable goal like reading a book or studying a text book or studying flashcards. The key is that you set your goal so that it is attainable. I can't stress how important it is for your first goal to be attainable. Then set aside a timer and set it for 25 mins and study. Try for each day
Oscar Y.
Just start it and give your self a reward afterwards. Also you can make sure you do it before doing something else (eg watching a movie). Always remind yourself that studying is fun and you always learn something new. Knowledge is power!
Randall E.
For me it helps to focus on why I am studying, the person I will become with this knowledge and also what I will gain from putting in the effort when I have trouble starting. It also helps for me to take breaks when I have a lot of studying to do so that I can return fresh to the page, doing this also makes the studying take longer and reminds me of the benefit of putting the time in sooner so I can rest and have more down time later. Hope this helps. Until then stay Fabulous ❤️
R My T.
Start with setting down small intervals of time. 15-30 minutes at a time and have something enjoyable after as a reward. Games, snack, etc.
Marilou G.
The two best ways in my opinion are to either just start by writing your own summary of whatever you want to study as notes and don’t stop. Once you’re in the mindset it easy to keep going. Another way is to use a pomodoro timer which lets you study for 30 minute intervals and rewards you with 5 minute breaks to check your phone, get a snack, or whatever.
Alice J.
Read magazines scroll articles find what you want to learn, focus more time books and articles on that topic during your study time!