What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

Sebastian J.
Most of human behavior is circumstantial rather than because of a characteristic of the person. We are incredibly influenced by our surroundings. Sometimes, we will notice it because of modern psychology and self knowledge you may have. But in others, we constantly mis-attribute an environmental factor or circumstantial responses to personality traits. Another word for this is being judgmentmental. Knowing that is going into any situation, such as driving on the road, will make you a more peaceful and understanding person

Mandy E.
Well, if i were told i could have one wish granted, I'd wish for more wishes. similarly, if i were going to learn something quickly that will be really meaningufl, it'd be to learn more skills on how to learn better. Learning how to memorize things better or figure things out better is more useful than any one piece of information. I'd suggest starting with researching passive vs. active learning since people waste a lot of time rereading information to study rather than using and working with the information in some way to really commit it to memory.

Bobby Z.
What is your dream so you can follow your dream like mine is acting i wrote why how and that will help me in the future.

Mia J.
Staying calm in every situation in order to avoid saying, doing, or creating things that will only make things worse. Staying calm allows me to understand the circumstance and find solutions instead of complain to the given sets of problems. Staying calm will enable me to think better of the situation and analyse it in-depth and produce relevant solutions.

Emily P.
Whatever you can do within 2 minutes, do it directly. You have no idea how efficient you will become and how many things will be just done 😊

Alexis Q.
You can learn to be grateful for everything. Write down all things you are grateful for at the moment and then every morning over and over again write one short-term or word what you are grateful for down, don't think more than 5 seconds just write and if you want to see even better results you can write something in the evening again. Some advice from me is to write different things every time you write something. Soon you will stay more thankful and happy.

Ilja Y.
Learn about your true feelings. At least three times a day sit with yourself or take a walk. Put your phone, music aside. What is going through your head. What are thinking. Then talk to yourself as if you were talking to your friend. What advice would you give your friend. How would you judge your friend. So my advice is take 10 mins to be with your true self and be an understanding and compassionate friend to yourself.

Nicoline G.
The only person you need to ever compare yourself to is you. There is nobody else in this world like your unique & beautiful self & nobody who knows you like you, can do it like you do, and therefore nobody else who can get you where you want to be & need to be but you. So therefore in all things, everyday: celebrate you.

Julien O.
You can think healthy live healthy and love yourself. Read more study more understand more. That's the logic.KNOW YOUR SELF.