How can i be more confident and fluent in english ?

Barbie N.
Expose yourself. If you’re in an English-speaking country, do things alone that will force you to speak out. If not, read in English, many websites have easy vocabulary or books for beginners.
Watch something you like in English, but don’t use subtitles in your language. Subtitles in English are better. If you don’t understand, pause and search the word’s meaning. Make notes, so you can know what you didn’t know and what it’s meaning is.
Use apps- there’re language apps like Duolingo or Mesmise. Another app is Tandem, where you can talk to someone in English who will be happy to help you.
Raymond Z.
Well if u want to be confident Fabulous has a journey that you can take to be more confident, and if you want to be more fluent in english just simply practice your english every day.
Hope Y.
Read a lot of books and watch informative videos like Ted talks. Read sentences aloud and try to learn a new vocabulary a week
Mildred T.
It’s ok that you are not influent in a language that is not your mother-tounge, because it’s also a culture, people and so many things that you don’t know about. And there are many ways to improve it. The best is to make yourself emerged into an English-dominant speaking environment, put yourself in uncomfortable situation (e.g. networking events), hangout with natives, watch English movies with English subtitles, read English books, listen to English music, and most important of all, just be brave. By that I mean be honest, that you are not a native, not 100% fluent and you need people to repeat even more than twice so you know what they say. And learn along the way.
Success won’t happen after one night, but the whole process might.
I bet you know many ways to improve it already, so take action now. You can do it!
Mary O.
I think immersing yourself into something is best. For example watching a film/ TV show you love in English. A more challenging route is to read articles or a book in English. This means that you can find the words you don't know.
Jacky O.
I am not sure why I am being asked this question.
It's vital to practice studying reading and thinking in English all the time…