What do you learn during holiday?

Jonas N.
During the short holidays I’ve taken, I've learned that I’m not good at resting. It takes me a long time to turn off my work/study brain and just be. I think resting also concerns me because it allows my mind shift to other longterm questions that I’m not able to answer.
Shambhavi Z.
During holidays maintaing a timetable or a routine is an arduous task. As you're not bounded by any deadlines your actions are bound to be desultory. Endeavouring to follow a routine is a must! Take out your journal or your diary or any page and write down what you have been wanting to achieve. It could be the long list of books you have been wanting to read or that dish you have been wanting to try. Or it can even be the long pending list of songs you should have listened to or the movies you must watch. Breaking the dreary routine is also essential. Having the zeal so that you don't lounge around. Pick up some hobbies. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Try painting, even though you're no Picasso or M.F. Hussain, paint it for yourself. Increase the vocabulary. Learn a new language. Try cooking the dish until you get the flavour of how your mom cooked. Excercise and stretch your muscles. Pamper yourself. Put on a face mask. Dance around your room. Read about the Greeks and how the Rome fell. How religions shaped the mankind and why wars happened.

There are many things you can learn during this time. Yes we can be the most incurable devil that ever stood here, but you have to be spry enough at times.