What do you guys use as an extra motivation for keeping up with your daily routines. Do you remind yourself of your “why” every day ? Or do you make something to visually remind yourself ? I struggle with keeping the routines for a complete week…

M Cio C.
I want to make my Heavenly Father proud of me because he has given so much to me. I want to honour him by honour my body and life that he gave me to enjoy not destroy by being lazy and ungrateful
Wanda F.
It’s definitely a person thing to keep pushing yourself to keep a challenge. For me I like to to myself that if I don’t change or do start to do these things that I’m bad or horrible or never going to get better.
This helps provide me with motivation to be what I want and become that through completing these simple task.
This may not work for you so try different things until you find what motivates you.
In the meantime keep trying your best to meet the task every week but once you find something to motivate you hopefully you’ll complete more more regularly.
Good luck!