What are great study habits?

Sofia S.
To have all that needed in your study desk then you can focus studying. Explore yourself more. And always have timer so you don't pick up your phone or gadgets. Study in a quite place is ok too. Keep small targets rather than big one. You can also put motivational quotes on your desk or on the wall. And don't forget to be happy while you're studying. For me, mood effects my study sessions. Study at least 30 mins a day is always good enough. Start small and be successful 😘🌈😇 I believe in you😜
Nandini F.
Great study habits include:
1. Reading and Understanding the concepts clearly( by teacher, video, online websites, animation etc.)
2. Making notes so you can easily go through them at the time of any test. And its easier to learn frim notes.
3. Use highlighter to highlight the keywords, facts and major points so you can see them easily
4. Revising the topics on a regular basis(daily,weekly but not more than that. Its great to revise things in a week.
5. Taking your doubts. Its is very very important. You should take your doubts at that particular time or if you cant so write them down and take them when you meet with your teacher or have a live class with them.
6. Being consistent is also of great importance. So be consistent.
For me thats it. Hope it helps you. Thank you
Bernhard Q.
I am an architectural student and I want to develop in this field. Therefore, a good habit is required for me to learn the habit of reading books in the field of architecture and to examine one architectural project daily.I also love watching movies. however, it would be good to create and implement a list of movies to watch movies regularly and well.😊
Minouu A.
Your lucky , I have good tricks !
* Look at it
* Write it
* Say it out loud
* Understand it
* Explain it to yourself in the mirror
* Study before you go to bed , and after you finish studying , go straight to bed and sleep !
* Drink water
* Exercise before you study
* Put calm music in low volume when studying !
Leonor N.
Bem, eu costumo ter um horário de estudo já definido no inicio da semana pois ajuda-me a fazer tudo a tempo e com calma. Eu custumo ler a matéria, fazer resumos, reler, fazer exercícios…
Jennifer Q.
study habits begin with being in the right state of mind to study. Creating a space that is yours and one you have established as your own. Knowledge of your cognitive ability is beneficial to studying as well. By identifying your learning traits such as auditory, visual, kinesthetic or natural you will be able to focus on the beat approach.