I’m so lazy, I can’t seem to motivate myself to study without watching Netflix and YouTube. What can I do?

Luis F.
First find out why you want to study, is it for you or for someone else. If there is no willingness in the purpose there won’t be motivation. Anyway watching Netflix or anything is ok, but set time for that, in the beginning you can keep alarm to alert you for your purpose
Josefine C.
Make an arrangement with yourself. For example if you study for 1 hr without getting distracted, rewrd yourself with a 30 min episode on Netflix. Doing this will make you want to work to achieve the reward and allow you to maintain a balance of work and relaxing.
Raul Z.
Ask yourself why you want to do something different and really understand your motivation— write it out, draw it our, make the motivation clear. Return to it often – maybe a pix or image or song to remind you
Stella O.
When you study,leave your phone,laptop etc. in other room,thing about good things that only hour of learning can do for you. Start small by study for 20 min,30 till you reach your goals.
Claude U.
Use some app to block this sites for the time that you set for your study time, making it more difficult to get distracted.
Hugh P.
Just put your devices away. I know ti’s hard in the beginning, but it will help. Ask (when you’re living at home) your mum or dad to save it for you.

If this doesn’t help, go to a study place where you have to be silent and where it’s usual to not take any devices with you.

But if you think like, I can better study if I watch YouTube or Netflix, just do it then. Do what’s best for you. For me, it’s ‘wrong’ to watch YouTube or Netflix while studying, but my sister, for example, can concentrate even more when she watch YouTube or Netflix. Just try different things and do what’s best for you. I know you can do it!

Frances Q.
I’m struggling with similar issue but I procrastinate by getting on social media or reading.

Recently I’ve limited my social media till after 8pm. Just started this last week and I actually forgot to check FB on Friday and Saturday. That’s a miracle for me. So maybe try to limit your time on Netflix and YouTube.

Also, I will pick a Netflix movie and only watch it when I’m exercising or folding clothes. So you accomplish something while you watch.

Finally, I set a timer for 15, 10, or 5 minutes and do something productive until the timer goes off. I really try to do 15 minute increments. I tell myself I can stop and do something fun when timer dings. Most times I’m willing to reset the timer 3 more times. Then after an hour I take a 15 minute break. Maybe you could use that as your YouTube break. After awhile it gets easier.

Derek Y.
Well, try to find something that interests you to study. If you’re doing math, find one thing that you like about that subject and focus on that, and do that for the rest of your subjects. If you like music, try putting on some background music while you work, preferably one without words, it doesn’t distract you as much.
Marc E.
For me, I can't motivate myself at all when I have a lot of things to study. Maybe if you organize your time and study in short intervals, you will have more energy ti study because you will know that it will last shorter.
James Z.
I find that when I’m trying to concentrate, watching something doesn’t allow me to fully focus. Try listening to music instead (not on YouTube where the videos can be distracting) or try meditating before studying to clear your mind. Both of those usually help me focus.
Jackie G.
get all your books, pencils, highlighters, make yourself some tea, and go study. Netflix and YouTube will still exist when you're done.
Tony Y.
Расслабляться после работы – это не плохо, но нужно знать всему меру, а также понимать, какие последствия будут. Но это все формальности. В реальности, я думаю важно заниматься тем, что тебе интересно, и даже в скучном находить что-то веселое.