I have trouble with waking up early for religious reasons and staying awake, I always wake up sleepy how can I fix this?? How can I make a habit??

Aurore W.
Move your phone/ alarm far away from your bed and have a drink of water. You'll have to walk futher and drinking water helps to wake you up
Travis E.
If you have to stay up late for religious reasons, then you'll have to give yourself some grace on getting up early. Let yourself sleep later and just make the most of your time when you are able to get up. If you want ideas for making your sleep more restful, make sure you're exercising and hydrating during the day, and turn screens off 90 minutes before bed.
Gaetano F.
Start the day immediately with motion and you will stay in motion. I struggle with debilitating fatigue and if I don’t start the day right away when waking with yoga or cleaning, my day ends before it starts but if I’m faithful to some type of activity, I will stay with it.
Kelly Z.
It's actually funny because it's just what I'm going through…. sounds just like Ramadan day routine problems. I don't think you're obligated to wake up too early, 10 am? So from 4 am to 10 is good, sleep after iftar if that's not enough for you. And don't push yourself too hard, waking up productive with these circumstances is better than just getting up early. Rooting for you and good luck. Ramadan Kareem. If it's not Ramadan then I'm totally screwed lol