I am too lazy WHAT should I DO?

Zaidatul A.
Remember the reason you started at the first place. 2. Knowing the benefit in doing the habit. 3. Refresh your thoughts; make more positive thoughts and try to avoid thinking about negativity ( thinking about the result that you can get and less in the comfiness of the bed ; anything that make you lazy )
*i'm sorry cause of my grammar . I hope u understand 🙂

Felicia C.
Get motivated. Watch or read things that will inspire you to do better and be more productive with your time. That’s only half of the job, though. You need to believe in yourself; believe that you can achieve your goals, because that’s what will drive you to do your best.

Mahlia C.
Start small. Try to do some exercise or stretching everyday to give your self energy. Get lots of sunshine and try to eat healthy (greens, not so much sugary or junk food). Slowly start doing more to energize yourself, and if you are feeling tired (rather than just lazy) take iron supplements and fix you sleep schedual (you should do this both ways).

Letitia O.
You should drink water as you wake up or some time later then have breakfast I will write the rest of the message in your next question. Regarding Queen Shivi

Jean T.
Go drink some water to get energized, and then go do it. You feel lazy right now but once you start doing it it feels better

Ricky F.
Being lazy isn't a bad thing but if you want to change that you got to start easy. Starting out you should create a routine for yourself which of course I use the fabulous app and you probably do too this will help you hold yourself accountable by having something to follow. It helps a lot with time management and just by setting an alarm to tell you what to do makes you motivated to do whatever task you need to do. If setting alarms and creating to-do lists isn't for you I recommend you to every morning wake up and tell yourself that you'll be productive now this might not seem big but just by saying that we'll set your brain into that setting where you will be positive and you will achieve many goals. like even just starting out in the morning with fixing your bed will help your brain out and that will tell yourself that that's the start of the day and it'll just put you in that motion of wanting to be productive. I hope you found this helpful and if you need more help ask as many questions as you want to 😊

Zumi A.
i think you should tell yourself that it's not, and never too late to make good changes in your life. i was such a lazy person, still am sometimes, but i always remind myself that i deserve to feel good again. therefore, i'll plan out everything. every activities and hobbies that i'd like to do for the week. be more productive by writing out a to do list everyday. use fabulous app to keep in track with my habits, such as drink water, read, and stretch. it's always never too late. you deserve all the happiness you can get.

Ivona Z.
You should find a hobby. Maybe doing some sports or exercise? During this pandemic I am unable to go to trainings, so my biggest hobby is watching videos of my sport on YouTube! You could also watch motivational videos on YT, maybe do some DIY projects? You could also try taking walks outside and just apreciate the life itself. You could try drawing or even start playing some instrument. Or if you are interested try playing some video games! Its important you spend time in your life on things you enjoy doing! Time waits for no one so use it the best you can!

Donna J.
One thing that could help you is not doing it alone but with a friend, once you too agree to follow a daily routine, you can text each other on a set schedule so both do their tasks together, just knowing someone else is waking up or staring their workout, etc with you is more encouraging! Let me know if you want to make that, we could build a group of people to do it together, as I used to do with my miracle morning group.