I am too lazy WHAT should I DO?

Isidoro Q.
Think about the things you would get if you do the thing your too lazy to do. Close your eyes and imagine doing the thing you want to do and getting satisfaction after doing it. Probably best way to deal with laziness

Ivona Z.
You should find a hobby. Maybe doing some sports or exercise? During this pandemic I am unable to go to trainings, so my biggest hobby is watching videos of my sport on YouTube! You could also watch motivational videos on YT, maybe do some DIY projects? You could also try taking walks outside and just apreciate the life itself. You could try drawing or even start playing some instrument. Or if you are interested try playing some video games! Its important you spend time in your life on things you enjoy doing! Time waits for no one so use it the best you can!

Kay X.
Well, for a long time i had this problem aswel, and no matter what i did i couldn't get myself motivated, in the end by taking more vitamine D and with some fitness exercises i overcame my lazyness!🙂

Harvey P.
You should energise yourself within by any exercise or activity you like. For instance as soon as you woke up make a simple phone call to a dear person. OR watch something on TV that gives you positive energy like something funny. Also change something around you in your bedroom specially. And finally you can change a simple thing in your life to break the anoying routine of the daily life for example do not go directly to home after work, you can go shopping for an hour or so. If you cannot simply change the route of going or coming back from work. All the best. I hope this will help you because this is what I do to get energise usually.

Benita X.
Start with something small like a short walk or some easy exercise. You could also do something you enjoy (ex. You like music, try dancing a little)

Harlie V.
Being lazy is something I have struggled with for a long time. I have finally begun to realize how much being lazy effects my life. The only advice that I would give is that you have to decide to change. It’s not easy but it is possible. So do as much as you can do and slowly work on yourself to get out of a lazy slump. Your future self will thank you.

Horst G Nter F.
Start with a small objective, reduce barriers to adopt good behavior and make bad habit less convenient (like not having your phone beside the bed). Don't rely on motivation, it won't last. Good choice should be easy and natural. Anchor new habits to the ones you already have.

Nils Q.
Hi,  i was just like you and do not criticize yourself for being lazy maybe you are just trying to save energy.So first thing i wanted to tell you is start creating positive habits like eat a great breakfast in the morning but keep it in low fat foods and keep eating healthy foods for 3 days in the morning so you feel energized by it, If you liked doing it then add some new habit after your breakfast do some exercise if you're feeling better try doing it for week or drink 1bottle of water try to imagine that you become more energetic than before in the morning. Good luck with your fabulous journey. I hope this will help you.

Rashi X.
I’ve learned that anticipation is key in life in general.

On the weekends I meal prep. I used to hate it, but now I feel so glad and grateful I do it.

Other quick snacks:

Susan P.
I'm also a couch potato that's why I subscribed to fabulous I was doing nothing no exercise ,too much xmas sweet things, no motivation worse with Covid I find fabulous makes me get up and go and i like the psychology in coaching
Once the first 2 days are over you ou have more energy still find stretching hard though
And switching off at bedtime I used to stay up till 1.30 am

Briar N.
Don’t worry I’m super lazy sometimes too, but on the days I’m not I always feel so much better. Everyone has dreams they want to come true and the only way to do that is to get up and make your dreams your reality. So go get up, make your self a breakfast you love, get some fresh air, drink a glass of water and let’s show this day who’s boss! 😎

Zaidatul A.
Remember the reason you started at the first place. 2. Knowing the benefit in doing the habit. 3. Refresh your thoughts; make more positive thoughts and try to avoid thinking about negativity ( thinking about the result that you can get and less in the comfiness of the bed ; anything that make you lazy )
*i'm sorry cause of my grammar . I hope u understand 🙂

Vitali E.
I don’t think coffee is the healthiest choice especially because I put sugar in it . I really do enjoy it though. I always start my day with coffee (after I have my cup of water.) I may also have coffee in the afternoon or evening . It depends on what kind of day I am having. So , no I don’t think it’s super healthy but there are worse items to drink.

Felicia C.
Get motivated. Watch or read things that will inspire you to do better and be more productive with your time. That’s only half of the job, though. You need to believe in yourself; believe that you can achieve your goals, because that’s what will drive you to do your best.

Rashi X.
1) Be positive .
2) Don't expect
yourself to be
3) Create a plan of
4) Make short
achievements daily.
5) Be punctual.

Hope this may help u…..

Lily C.
Well,I don't really know how to answer the question but for me i just say in my mind to just fight it.fight the lazy barin of yours and start thingking forword about whats gonna happen if I don't do it.

Pedro N.
If u are lazy to wake up try putting lots of alarms,and if u are lazy to do other things do this:think I need to do this than count to five and do it

Rashi X.
Do whatever that makes you happy and whatever you know how to do best.
It it's timing you should have a note and schedule yourself.

Evelyn X.
I'll assume you don't have any motivation and just lying on bed using your phone. Try scroll through the Internet, find something you're interested in and easy to do. Like baking, taking a walk, learning a new language, or even watching a new movie. Or else, try to get in touch with the world, watch YouTube videos abt what's happening now. I personally find the culture and living standards of India interesting, and the stuff that people like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg are planning to do in the future. Hope you'll find this useful!

Alex Q.
Maybe try do 1 small thing instead? Get counseling if needed, but you do need to find a way to get out of your head and just do 1 small thing. Don't let things accumulate! It's much easier to deal with smaller amount than a giant mountain of work.

Arquimino E.
I think you should get this app and make goals for yourself. I don’t want you pushing yourself really fast at first take it slowly and then keep making goals.

Rashi X.
Stand up from whatever lazy position you are in. Once you are up it's easier to take one step and then another. Even if it is just a walk inside, it gets you out of that lazy mode for a minute and that always helps.

David O.
I’m quite lazy too. I’ve just started using this app and already I feel more motivated and fresh. This app has persuaded me to make routines to follow, sometimes I don’t want to do it because I ‘don’t have enough energy’ but I try my best and I feel so much better after, knowing I’ve accomplished it. My advice is to start with the small things and gradually move on to bigger things.

Marjan C.
You should concentrate on the things that make you happy, start with them and then you’ll be able to do everything else.

Mahlia C.
Start small. Try to do some exercise or stretching everyday to give your self energy. Get lots of sunshine and try to eat healthy (greens, not so much sugary or junk food). Slowly start doing more to energize yourself, and if you are feeling tired (rather than just lazy) take iron supplements and fix you sleep schedual (you should do this both ways).

Letitia O.
You should drink water as you wake up or some time later then have breakfast I will write the rest of the message in your next question. Regarding Queen Shivi

Tony X.
Take it one day at a time and don’t see yourself as lazy. See yourself as someone who wants to focus on something they love. A lot of rich people don’t do mundane tasks and delegate it over to the help as they grow their business. The money isn’t there for them to hire the help but they saw the investment in it. It helped in the long run.

Mohammed N.
Everytime you feel like you don’t want to do something, remember how your future self would act on it, let’s say for example I don’t workout for a week, my future self is going to panic and hate myself for not going to do that one week I missed, and I know it won’t work right away but soon after time and time it’ll make more sense the more you think about it

Jean T.
Go drink some water to get energized, and then go do it. You feel lazy right now but once you start doing it it feels better

Giovana N.
It's better to start investing about what you like… What your hobbies are… What you have interest in?

So if you are lazy that's either bcoz you lack motivation so try to see a source of your motivation or may be bcoz you have mentally made up your mind that you are lazy!

So it's important you should start taking care of yourself, see what can remove your laziness…
Dance ,sing, listen to music, do some workout, play a sport, spend time with you family and friends, start working for your dreams and so on..

Soooo there are gazzilion things to remove laziness but it can only happen when you adopt yourself to these new changes and live an energetic and healthy life.

Take care, work hard and we love you💙..

Hope you succeed!
Plz let me know your reaction!

Paola N.
Well let me start off by saying I feel like this all the time, the main thing to do is start small. Have a list of simple things that you’ve wanted to do and the trick is that your doing stuff that you know won’t feel like an actual chore, the best way to feel motivated is to just feel even the slightest bit productive .

Catherine F.
1. Do Meditation 🧘‍♀️
2. Exercise
3. Entertain yourself by reading a book, watch television
4. Spend time with family
5. Call a friend
6. Do a puzzle 🧩

Rashi X.
When i said i won't do smth i just shook my head started jumping for no reason and this would give me energy to start and hypee me for some unknown reason

Nuovi N.
Lazy to do what? If you are too lazy to study by reading, then you can try by listening to audible or by watching documentaries. There are actually a lot of activities you can do to learn things even when you are lying on the couch 😉

Luzio C.
Instead of thinking ‘im too lazy, I’m just gonna stay in bed’ You should try find reasons why U should get up and be More motivated. Set a schedule!.

Donna J.
One thing that could help you is not doing it alone but with a friend, once you too agree to follow a daily routine, you can text each other on a set schedule so both do their tasks together, just knowing someone else is waking up or staring their workout, etc with you is more encouraging! Let me know if you want to make that, we could build a group of people to do it together, as I used to do with my miracle morning group.

Garance Q.
When I’m lazy I ask myself if I would feel better after I exercise, if the answer is yes I go for a quick stretch not a full workout. If the answer is no, I tell myself to just stretch it out that it will be good. So that way I guide my mind into a reward whether or not I want to exercise.

Ricky F.
Being lazy isn't a bad thing but if you want to change that you got to start easy. Starting out you should create a routine for yourself which of course I use the fabulous app and you probably do too this will help you hold yourself accountable by having something to follow. It helps a lot with time management and just by setting an alarm to tell you what to do makes you motivated to do whatever task you need to do. If setting alarms and creating to-do lists isn't for you I recommend you to every morning wake up and tell yourself that you'll be productive now this might not seem big but just by saying that we'll set your brain into that setting where you will be positive and you will achieve many goals. like even just starting out in the morning with fixing your bed will help your brain out and that will tell yourself that that's the start of the day and it'll just put you in that motion of wanting to be productive. I hope you found this helpful and if you need more help ask as many questions as you want to 😊

Fabr Cio S.
Break down an activity into the most tiniest step. If you don't achieve that don't give yourself a hard time. The next day cut that down into something smaller. Keep repeating until you find something that you do actually achieve. Remember success is in in effort and process.

Louise Z.
Make a list of your goals and take a look at it whenever you feel lazy. Get refreshed with a cup of Coffee and start doing something towards your goals.

Yashna F.
Probably just take a moment to yourself. Like do things that you like even if that is taking care of yourself (masks, bath bombs etc) or sports or play an instrument, draw, maybe even take a walk w ur dog or friends. Or try sth new, a new hobby. You could also watch inspiring vids on youtube

Morris O.
I would try to do things that make you happy but that might not always be what works for you. If not you can try new things out like new hobbies. If your laziness persists you might want to make you put your not depressed bc that happened to me when I was depressed. It wasn’t just being lazy it was like I didn’t want to get out of bed at all.

Abel I.
It’s all about motivation. What I do to motivate myself is really simple but effective. I begin by envisioning who I want to be: the body I want, the active habits I want, how much I workout, etc. Then I write it down. Vision boards are a life savior in motivation. I have mine on Pinterest but you can make one by hand too. Then I plan out what I’m going to do. The hardest but most effective part is starting. Once you do, all you ha s to do is repeat. You will come a long way in a short time.

Nils Z.
You should find what lead to you are lazy such as eating lots of packed foods; watching TV and/or surfing internet for a long time; tiredness because of sleeping late, exhausting exercises… Then take prediction for these. Explore what you make energized and spend more time for these.

Bob Z.
You should take a little action from the most important job that you have to do during the day or month;because when you do that an uncompleted file will make on your brain and your brain can't enduring with that so you will try to do anything

Rashi X.
Try to find something you are really passionate about and that motivates you and try to put everything into it. Set a time limit on your phone and other devices and just go outside and run around.

Phillip P.
Start doing lil easy fun tasks about whatever you are trying to accomplish during the day or week; later soon in time you've finished the task(s) without even realizing it

Rute I.
It is extremely goofy and possibly harmful so be mindful when you do it but I would comedically fall out of bed. Laugh off the fall because it's better to actually "flop" onto or out of something, rather than staying in bed or the couch all day, which would be an actual flop. A whole day of nothing but flops. So, here: You can control falling out of bed but you can't control how it'll feel when you land. It's like reverse psychology. Laying in bed, scrolling or tv bringing, it's something you can control. But making a decision that can lead to getting hurt and then laughing it off is like a training exercise- ya feel me?

Tilde Z.
start small, and search for activities that you find enjoyable. for example- if repeating a movement over and over is too sisyphean, maybe yoga is the thing for you (find the kind of yoga fits you best)

Dylan O.
When I feel lazyness I always think about the great things which will happen to me or other people, after I do my goal. Don't listen to your lazyness, jump into the adventure and believe that it is the good decision.

Zumi A.
i think you should tell yourself that it's not, and never too late to make good changes in your life. i was such a lazy person, still am sometimes, but i always remind myself that i deserve to feel good again. therefore, i'll plan out everything. every activities and hobbies that i'd like to do for the week. be more productive by writing out a to do list everyday. use fabulous app to keep in track with my habits, such as drink water, read, and stretch. it's always never too late. you deserve all the happiness you can get.

Al Pio Z.
You should make something that you real enjoy just go out of bed drink water eat something and start your day peacefully

Elda Q.
Well i reason myself that felling of laziness is a body thing and i need not agree with it. Sometimes " follow ur instinct" doesn't work because the body and even our mind isn't always right.

Maxence E.
You should focus on your end goal. You're never going to feel like it to do things right now. But you need to push yourself in 5-4-3-2-1 and move your body and do things. Think about yourself in the future. Future you would say thank you to you right now or would be disappointed with your behavior. And never call yourself lazy – you're what you think you are. Choose your words wisely. Be kind to yourself. Think about who you want to become and then for sure you're going to stop procrastination.

Katie P.
Clean for the duration of one song. A song you like and know. So about 3 to 4 minutes of cleaning which can make a big dent

Rashi X.
Force yourself sometimes to just get up. Start with small stuff like taking awalk or maybe breathing exrecise. Try making a habbit of it so it will stick so you will stick to it and after a while start feeling more energetic

Anna C.
I get the same feeling a lot. Whenever I do, I just look around to see what can be done, like making an unmade bed, organizing a book shelf etc. If everything in your home is already really clean, and if the reason why you are feeling lazy is because you haven't had enough nutrients for the day, then go ahead and eat an apple, or make a smoothie. If you are feeling lazy because you are on your phone, then first and foremost put down your phone, and go for a walk, or a drive, just to get your adrenaline running and to get you motivated. You could also do a workout, like 5 pushups, or whatever workout you prefer. Hope this helps!

Rashi X.
Start with something lazy like granola and yogurt in a bowl. It takes 2 minutes to make it and you will feel a lot betor

Jill B.
I can start by planning out what I want to do and dividing the task in sub-tasks. Also I should try to not do everything at once but take breaks every 30 minutes.

Friedhelm G.
It’s alright to feel overwhelmed or lazy and if I’m being honest I did too when I started. Since beginning this though I can already notice a change so all I can say is give it a go. The challenges are small so that you don’t get overwhelmed and I feel they have helped me very quickly. Since it is only a small challenge it is easy to incorporate it into your day

Rashi X.
First when you hit your alarm, go directly to the restroom to wash your face. Click a ten minute timer to do your morning routine before checking on your phone.

Daryl F.
I don’t really know what I should do. I think downloading this app already motivated me and I purchased a smart watch with goals on it to help exercise but it’s more finding time to balance everything without being exhausted as well as finding the time to complete assignments and manage campus due to it being such long laborious hours. I think my only choices are to go to gym at around 5:30 through to 6:30 in the morning or go directly after campus which is dangerous as I feel like it cuts into my assignment time. I think maybe it will be best to plan my assignments very wisely. I don’t know the journey will be a long one

Evan J.
Thing you will win something if you to all the habits, I am very lazy to, but I like to win an I have a day on the mont wen I can be lazy

Mar A N.
Hello! I am lazy too! the best is doing it progressive, and you will feel motivated with the progress. Try going to bed early, even with help of natural herbs, and start the day earlier so that you feel good. Also, it is very important to schedule time to have fun or relax. Hope it was useful. Maria

Faith N.
Sorry I lazy lazy to answer JK I find getting a a family member or friend you are close with to use the app at the same time so you can be fabulous buddies. Also start off small, think about what you already do in your life that check the head boxes off. We all drink water but maybe not all the time but even so tick It off, it’s a great motivator and hey a little a process is better than none. Good luck out there! ❤️

Malthe W.
If you are lazy try to start doing something you love doing. Go step by step and while doing that take small breaks to that you won't get bored doing it.

Marius A.
Lazy….. Even me…. But try to get involved in anything like trying a new dish watching YouTube…. So that we get energy for a while