Any tips for study and learn faster?

Ma Lie T.
something i would tell you is that if you wake up at lets say 8 the next you need to wake up 3 hours earlier. early mornings lead to early success. don’t snooze because your putting the short day a head of you on pause. WAKE UP EARLY. if you work or go to school this is great because you can be ready early. this pandemic is putting a pause on our school and work lives. that doesn’t mean anything to your sleep schedule. just try for a week waking up 3 hours earlier and thank me later
Giulia R.
I would love to know them!Ok, maybe having a "sacred time": no noise, no music, no phone. Just the thing you want to learn.
Citra C.
First of all, recognize our abilities first, whether we are more into listen, writing, remembering, etc. Because everyone is different. For example, i am the type of person who listens and writes notes, it impacts me to learn something, and it works.
Oliver E.
If you have to study but don't feel like it, don't study at all.
This happens to me quite a lot.
I know the expectations, people all want students to study long and effective.
But if you go to your room and close the door and just stare at your books for a long time just so your parents will think you're studying, you're lying to yourself.
Plus it will get you tired mentally and physically, even tho you have done nth!
So let's stop lying to ourselves and study when we feel like it in less hours but effectively!
That works! Trust me
Soham O.
Use colours. They help you to learn and remember things: if you underline something in blue, when you study you remember that paragraph is in blur
Silja Z.
For studying, I suggest working in smaller increments multiple times. To explain this, let’s say you have a test in a week that you want to start studying for. Try studying for 15 minutes then taking a break, then studying for another 15 minutes each day (for a total of 30 minutes a day). That was just an example, but this technique will give you time to process the material before you get back at it again. You’ll remember a lot more this way rather than cramming the night before. Hope this helps? I’m not sure if I really answered the question, but I tried. Have a great day 🙂
Stephanie Y.
After class make flashcards of the lesson and review them everyday. Set up your own study schedule for each class. Hope this helps. It has helped me, specially with moving from face-face to online due to the corona outbreak.