What motivates you the most?

Laila F.
I'm mostly motivated by my children. I want to be a good role model for them and help them reach their greatest potential.

Carlo S.
Feeling like each step I take can help me change the world (in small ways). Successful dreams and habits build successful people.

Randy C.
Art! Photography in special! And creative people! Also healthier lifestyle that makes us go on with our goals, also inspire me!

Pablo T.
I think what motivates me the most is the fact that one day this will contribute to me and my future and it may also help others around me if i become a better person then i might influence others to become the best they can be so everyone can reach their full potential and help better this world

Zdenka J.
My ultimate motivation is the people around me who are suffering due to ill health and can't make it up to their best.So if we have been provided with this fabulous app why not using it to make the best of ourselves and live a happy and cheerful life which others are missing unfortunately.

Charles Z.
to create someting. I dont like working on a subjects for hours if I dont get anything creative from it I am designer and also mucician I if I spent my time on something I always get something to look at or listen or touch.
daily duties and other works are so boring for me I lose my focus and attention so easy.

Brand O Z.
I really want my life to change and I’ve figured out no one is going to do it for me. There is no Prince(ss) Charming coming to sweep me off my feet and rescue me. I have to love myself and create my own happy ending.

Kitty X.
Having good habits and removing the bad ones helps me to become a better person. I never ate breakfast and that was bad in every way cause I didn’t have energy all day long but now I have and i can accomplish more tasks than before.