How do I stay motivated while completing my journey?

Laura J.
I keep motivated by thinking about the reason why I want to complete the journey. I see the difference it makes already and I want to keep improving.
Ciro S.
i’d say for the most part stick to a schedule. most people in present time have a busy schedule and so taking a bit of time may be hard.. when you find that you aren’t motivated ie. when you’re too busy… make sure you’re putting enough time for you.
Annelies S.
Motivation is maintained when you have the right combination of goals and rewards.

Set SMART goals: (S) specific, (M) measurable, (A) attainable, (R) realistic, (T) timebound.

The key is to establish the right rewards within the most effective time boundary.

You want to feel incentivized to stick with activities necessary to meet a goal.

Sofie N.
I have been tackling this question myself and after 7 days of not doing my habits I started the day back on track and Fabulous helped me with the Rekindle your fire part of the journey. I think that I am going to try to do this on Monday at the start of the week so that I am constantly inspired to keep going. Also reminding myself of why I began the journey and my reasons is very important for me too. Hope that helps. Keep on keeping up the Fabulous 😊