What’re you’re techniques for note taking?

Alexander J.
Have several options to take notes ready, and several blank pages. Not worrying too much about how it looks. At the end taking the very messy notes and read them once again plus putting them all in one document with neat writing and using my favourite markers
Anne S.
Read something interesting to what your life passions are, or listen to a podcast. Then, write down the major takeaways while reading or listening so immediately have the information in your brain to let out on notes.
Hector U.
I prefer the notes in informal pattern so that we will not get bored cause it's entertains us. The better is inunique shapes such like fish, flower and so on. Our brains memorize images better than words
Licelima P.
Well, all I really do is make my notes organized. I find a nice piece of paper for my note taking and then I just make sure my writing is organized. I hope this helped u 😬
Francis C.
I type my notes because they are easier to read later when I am reviewing. You can also use the “find” feature to locate information quickly. I also add comments in my handwriting just for improved memory.

In a document with narrow margins I insert a table with two columns. The left column is a third of the width of the page and the right column is two thirds of the width of the page. The right side contains the information such as bulleted points. The left side contains the heading/summary. During review I read the left column and recall the information on the right column. Then I read the column to confirm my memory.

Simon C.
I create an outline to focus on the big topics and use bullet points for subcategories and details that stand out. This method allows me to listen more than write/type while simultaneously providing key words to research, review, and study later on.