How do you avoid distractions while learning?

Vanessa E.
Hmm it depends. If I interested in a topic and people make the topic more fun and less boring I can concentrate very well. If I am in a topic that I can’t seem to find the need to learn or life, I have a harder time concentrating. I’m usually a very open-minded person. That’s the key with learning. I personally think it’s hard to learn and like learning with a closed mind.
Tia Z.
To avoid distractions while working, I:

-I visualize the project completed and everyone being delighted and me feeling proud of the results.
-decide on a task to accomplish within 20 minutes
-turn off all notifications – – turn on concentration music on YouTube
– set a 20 minute timer to hyperfocus, where no distractions are allowed
– everytime I want to do something else "urgent" or "important" i write it down in a distraction journal

Querubim Z.
Whilst learning, I usually put any devices out of my work area. It helps me concentrate and there is no unnecessary distraction. Although, if I need any device for online learning, I only use one device- a phone for example, if I use my phone. I don’t use any other device. It helps a ton, plus I use Fabulous to play soft music whilst I learn and it truly helps.
Joaquina Q.
I just keep my focus onto my tasks to concentrate and avoid any distractions while I’m studying. I’d recommend listening to some music while learning for your head to relax and not stress too much. 🙂
C Ndida Q.
I have a mode in my phone called "focus mode" (I'm pretty sure there are apps that will do the same thing) that freeze all the apps i selected from one hour to another. You can take breaks so I'll freeze the apps on time and you won't be on the phone too much on a time you need to study and if you want to stop you can at any moment. It's really nice and easy to use and it helped me a lot.
Sander W.
Putting my phone to one side; drinking water so I don't get a headache; tKing regular breaks so I am refreshed and focused when coming back to work.
Kelly N.
I think that’s part of the reason I’m using Fabulous lol!! I don’t so much get distracted by the task at hand, than I glance over at something else that I ALSO need to do, or be doing.
A very little list, possibly only three objectives, helps me to generally stay focused, even if I bounce between the three goals.