I struggle at focusing when reviewing terms and definitions. Do any of you have suggestions to help me study?

Tom O.
My favorite way to study is by using a website called Kahoot. Kahoot is a free website that allows you to review for a test in a fun way. You can play it with friends, or just by yourself. This website has been very beneficial to my learning experience, and I hope it will help you as well.
Noa U.
U have to study in summer.Only 3 times a week.U have to practice your writing .Read over 3 books in summer to practice your reading teknics.When summer over and school begin u have to do your homework,see the lesson that u have tomorrow and just have fun studing☺️
Daniel U.
There are a lot of great notetaking and studying resources out on the Internet, and I have studied most of them. One In particular that I like to use when I am trying to learn new terms or definitions is to physically write them down and create my own flashcards. I can create my own mix-and-match games using these flashcards. For example, I can put a bunch of definitions on the left-hand side and the terms they belong to on the right hand side, mix them up and then match them up together. The key here is to do only a few terms at a time, which means you have to budget your time.

You can also use flashcards with a study buddy. Start with having a study buddy describe the definition and you name the term that goes with it. Then, once you feel that you’ve mastered that part, you can change it up and have the study buddy name the term and then you can describe the definition that goes with that term.

Another study practice I like to use his one where you write down questions you have about a particular term and then write the term off to the right. You’re engaging your mind by using your natural curiosity when you’re asking questions, and you’re engaging the kinesthetic and visual part of your brain when you’re writing these down.

Fabien S.
Any time I struggle to focus I use mind maps or drawings to try help me visualize relationships between things. Just to get the brain to zoom out a little bit while still focusing.
Sammy P.
Well, go in your room and check to see if you have a nice comfy chair or any comfy surface that you will be comfortable on. Once you have found your comfy surface Lay on there with your study sheet or whatever you need to study. Set a timer for 5-10 mins and put on relaxing music and just start studying.
Anette R.
Give yourself a rhyme to remember the explanation of the terms. Having a rhyme will make it easier to remember in sudden or hard situations.
Trude E.
I have the same problems with studying. You might already know of this but I use this app called Quizlet to help me study and I really like it because it turns it into a game almost and there are several different types of ways to study, like flashcards, a matching game, practice tests, etc. Hopefully this helps!
Lueli S.
Study for about 10 mins. Shut the book and write down everythomg you can rememeber. Do it a few times. That seems to help me
Norberto P.
I have music playing softly in the background from YouTube that helps you concentrate on study, helps with focus. There are a ton of them.
Albane Z.
Here are a few tips from me, which hopefully will help!
– Block out any distractions
– Prepare your energy before you start studying, it will help the brain take in more info.
– Search for youtube videos that will help explain the things you’re studying.
– Ask people around you for help.
– Have a notebook where you write everything you learn in, then highlight the things you need to have knowledge about.
Roselinde Z.
I'm doing several things, first: I take a deep breath for 30 seconds, then put the alarm for 45 minutes and after every 45 minutes ,I take break plus, listen to some pianos and start to reading.
Marlene E.
That's an uncommon problem but still, I would suggest you to understand the concept and try to relate it with the topic. Hope it helps 😊
Sofie G.
I have ADHD so it’s difficult for me to focus on the same thing for long. I just get distracted. That’s why I mix things up a bit when I study. I work on one thing for, say, 20 minutes and then on another thing for 20 minutes, and in between I allow myself to do something fun, like playing a game on my phone. and so on until I get everything done that I had planned. I usually set a timer too so I don’t get caught up in the fun things for too long 🙂
If you divide everything up in smaller chunks it’s much easier to focus.
Emy C.
Start with flash cards and place them in your bedroom of study area. Whenever you start to study, review the terms and definitions along with the things you are studying for.
Hilma Q.
When i really understand something i don't forget about it. I can't memorazing either. İnstead of that i try make connections between definations and terms. Sometimes i write stories about them.
Amalie Y.
Make flash cards. Or you can put the word on one flash card and the definitions on the other flash card put the words on one side and the definitions on the other side and on one side of the table or desk and on the other side of the table or desk put the definitions on the other side of the table or desk and play a matching game with them to make it better for you to study and also you can have fun with this as well. Pick up the word and then match it with that definition.
Slawomir I.
Is the problem your ability to focus? I suggest you study for an hour, then take a break. Resume studying after your break is finished.
William X.
Read one term or one definition at 5 minutes then do something else, that is easy .
In other way,just break your tasks into small simple pieces
Hunter C.
Repeat the terms and definitions outloud 5 times, then write them 5 times, try to find something interesting about the term/definition, chew gum while studying, or listen to soft music
Frida W.
Put it into a song or an acronym, maybe even link each term to a diagram, it depends on how you learn, research the different types of learners