What can I do to stick to one thing. I love learning and doing things but I eventually quit and it seems like I wasn’t that interested in it as I thought I was.

Becky T.
You should try focusing on how will this habit be of benefit to you , every time you feel like quitting remind yourself of the benefits , that should keep you going . Good luck !

Dogan U.
I love learning too and it is posssible to lose interest in something u had alot of interest but you have to make ur mind that i can do this.Yes when a person loses interest in something that thing seems boring, but think of the results that thing will bring, and enjoy it while doing so, yes u can leave things in which ur not interested in but if that thing helps u in life then try to enjoy that thing or take a break from it for a short time and when u'll continue again, u will realise how much u missed that thing and u will be interested in it again! Best of luck! i know u can do it!

Ivan E.
Emilie wapnick answered to your question at TED speech

Watch this👇🏻


Nicoline X.
Focus on it more , create some time for it and find intreseting ways to complete it and always do what you prefer hope u understand

Wongel T.
Vocal training is one of those things that sparks an interest and goes from time to time and though it is hard to continue after a certain period, doing it regularly surely does show its results. I would like to do it on a daily basis even if it’s 5 minutes a day.

Richard P.
I think you can stick to it by doing it everyday but of course you need sometime to break. since you stopped, why not take a look at it back, maybe you'll feel interested in it like you do before this. and it's always good to try new things too!

Sssandy X.
Do what you enjoy. Don’t stick to a formula for each interest. If you only enjoy one part of something, do that one part. Don’t force yourself to go all into something.

Sofie B.
Potentially try to set some goals for your interests. It may be that you lose interest because you are getting the right level of satisfaction upon completion.
If you are enjoying a task or topic write down what your goal could be from that topic.
Ie say you love learning Spanish- your goal could be having the ability to speak casually (a social goal) or the ability to read at a certain level (an academic goal)
When you can identify what your ideal goal is for that topic you may find ways of keeping your interest as you refocus on your goal.

Marit I.
write down on a piece of paper what things you want to do and more importantly why you want to do them and why you enjoy them. Then put the paper in eye sight so you remind yourself.

Lauren W.
People make time and do what is most important to them, so if you really want it as bad as you want to breath, then you’ll succeed… try listening to motivational speaks too. I like Eric Thomas aka E.T.

Lotta A.
I like to make things fun. But maybe if you’ve tried everything, that thing is just not meant for you and you’ll feel no something else.

Jennifer J.
I think I need a relevant motivation for doing something for a long time. Anyway if I like something I will do it just because I want it. Maybe if I seem not interested enough suddenly I need to look to a thing on a new side to find some other attractiveness in it. Also maybe I need to find another better or additional motivation for completing it. Sometimes i see that for some things I'm not grown enough. With time I understand them more deeply so I have a more understanding and motivation why I need it.

Isabella P.
It's great that you love learning new things but with that may come boredom or lack of interest after a while. My tip would be don't limit yourself to just learning one thing at a time. If you can try learning two things or three things etc…beacause then you aren't limiting your self to just the one thing and you will be able to find out what you really like. Try as many new things as possible and if all is good you will love it!!!

Belkisa E.
Stretching in the morning does help make the day better. One it helps wake you up and two it gets your heart going and pumping the blood through your veins.

Vittorio Y.
I still do and struggle with that.What I've learnt is you don't need to be overly excited about something to stick with it.As time passes and you progress you'll get confident and realise the power of consistency.You don't need to have a great interest to pick a hobby.Every skill requires plenty of time and dedication .No hobby can provide you eternal excitement but upgrading your skills can .So excitement and passion come along the way . Don't forget to remind yourself why you started this hobby anyway .

Saint Jude N.
Okay, first I think before you starts doing stuffs you should be able to know wha you want to at achieve the end of it. After knowing what you want to achieve and why you want to you can then move to setting goals or making plans on how you want to achieve those goals( Maybe creating a To-Do-List will be worth it.

Secondly; you should not start doing things because you feel pressured by peers or maybe any social influence. Do things because they make you happy and not because you want to join the long trend or silly train, lol….. Doing things because they make you happy doesn’t mean you should be inflicting pains on others or maybe enjoying your present and destroying your future!!!

Owen Q.
Focus and stay in the moment, accomplishing a task that needs to be done is rewarding when you succeed at finishing it.
If it’s something you’ve been wanting to do, but doesn’t need to be done, then don’t let it get to you if you lose interest. Focus on doing what is needful and what you find enjoyment doing.

Curt J.
It’s normal to have different interest and also lose the interest sometime. Don’t be angry about it, try to not spent too much money on a new hobby and just enjoy the moment! If you endure with your new hobby, THEN you can invest more time and money.

Ricky W.
Reflect why you want to advance in one particular area. When you have made a long way progress may eventually become slower or at least feel like it. Look back at what you have accomplished. Cone template. Re-evaluate if that thing still gives you joy you. If so continue. If not reconsider your priorities.

Orni P.
That's happened to you because you loose your confidence and patience, so try to gain confidence and start again as you started that means you have potentiality so never get discourage try to fix this and give a bet with something you like take challenges I hope you will becsuccesful

Reingard Q.
Even if I can't get it done when I think or feel like I should, I work on at least accomplish unit in that same day that I had made the goal

Heidelinde R.
It doesn't matter actually. Trying something that you think you interest in is the point. Maybe now you think you are not that interest in but you tried and saw. If you didn't try you wont see right? Good luck :))

Giulliana G.
I would try to focus in why are you learning this new thing? Is a new language you need for work? Of for a trip? It will tell you for how long you wanna study… if you have a small DYI project you don’t need to learn a lot about woodwork… if you are removing your entire house… than you will need more than a few tutorials and YouTube videos. I also like to make sure I have the time to learn and to practice what I learn. We all have limited time so we need to make sure we are using it wisely!

Nigel N.
Motivation gets you started. Discipline gets you there. Work on forming discipline as one of the fundamentals of your life. Apply it to everything. Discipline is simply sacrificing the minor negative feelings of the now, for the major positive outcomes of the future.

Welamae E.
Maybe you should start small. Allow yourself to be a beginner. James Clear taught me in building long lasting habits, that the problem wasn't knowledge, the problem was consistency. So if you get caught up repeating same old you, it doesn't mean that you do not want to change, the problem is not you, the problem is your systems.

Tim G.
I find myself dealing with this issue alot. But I think to be curious about something or how it works is just a process in discovering yourself. I think back to when I was a child and how I wanted to be a paleontologists because at that time I would be reading books about fossilized dinosaurs. But as a grew older and gained more experience and knowledge, I developed a different mindset and set of values. I think once you start to establish those values you start coming up with a better focus and start to develop goals and plans on how to achieve success in those values. So my suggestion would be just to continue to do what you are doing and the answers will come to you in time, maybe try to set a time where you focus on one area of study at a time. But never be scared or intimidated to keep on learning, because you never know what you might discover about yourself.

Maya E.
I try to make it a game because I am extremely competitive. I will set small goals or steps for myself to achieve and I celebrate every "win". It's even better when I do it with someone else, because then I have accountability. If all else fails, I do it for Future Me, as if Future Me is a completely different person in an alternate reality that needs me to do that activity to survive. Okay maybe that's a tad melodramatic but you get the gist. Good luck!

Marlow Z.
Before indulging yourself in a activity or a hobby think to yourself beforehand “what will this do for me long term” and “do I actually want ti do this” and if your unsure or leaning more towards a con answer then it’s probably not worth it.

Roger O.
Lol, pity Fabulous sent me this question… I can't really give any advice because this is a thing I struggle with as well. I'm not gonna say: "once you find anything you're really passionate about blahdieblah" cause that's not true. I have found interests and yet its hard to commit to any of them.

Good luck with your life <3

Joshua W.
You should try new things like reading a book or meditation 🧘🏽‍♂️ or breathing and talk a walk with your dog and it would clear your mind or workout consistently

Rubby Band I.
to remain interested, you have to choose a interest that genuinely means a lot to you, and you're just a lot into it, then you've found a worthwhile interest.

Belkisa E.
Make a list, pick your favorite, and once you complete your favorite, then write it down to remind you of when you've completed something fully.

Brandon F.
Perhaps you weren’t as interested in that thing as you thought you were, and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s much more important that you tried, and found out it wasn’t your passion then to never have tried at all.

Jay P.
i do the same thing as i hyperfixiate on things then never come back to them- i think the best thing is to just try new things then stick to one if you really like it

Jessica X.
Is it important to you that you stick to things? Some people genuinely find it better if they constantly switch. But if that's not for you, try focusing on what you like – journaling the fun times, reflecting on improvement, no matter how small. I find that helps you look on the positives and learn to enjoy it more, as well as push through the difficult times or not as fun parts. Good luck!

Natasha C.
I love learning about nails and nail tech. How a nail grows. I want to learn the biology. Safety and study. This is so i can do these services for friends as well.

Lora A.
Truthfully I have the same issue. What I always ask myself firstly is whether I truly love it and am very interested in it or do I like it because others like it and make it seem worthwhile. If 'I' (you) like it, then all you have to do is stick to it. It doesn't mean that having a break from it is inherently bad. Sometimes you may not feel up to it. Sometimes you'll get all in it. It happens. If you like it, you'll get back to it on your own. You'll kinda miss it. And if you really want to be consistent you'll take time out of your day to do it. You want to, let's say, learn japanese, then you give yourself 15min of learning it instead of scrolling social media.

Amber J.
Just keep doing with what you think is right even if you don’t want to do it. Find something that you know you like or something you have done in the past and maybe that will help you

Kawther X.
Take a rest and think about it deeply, try to attend ur heart what's ur passion in life, what you want, and try to focus on one thing that shows up right now in your mind
Hope it was beneficial and helpful

Inaya E.
Watch videos on people doing it. For example learning how to play a guitar. In this case, watch your fav artists playing them…..the more you watch, the more you get inspired to try it out. Trust the process 😊

Alexandra Y.
It’s a matter of finding what you want, if you aren’t enjoying it, then don’t do it, or you can make it more fun, start by introducing small things, I began for the first week just by drinking water, I’m now on my 6th month and my life is so organised and aesthetic, maybe it’s not for you, what I found helped me was watching you tube journaling and notetaking videos, I don’t know why but it did, try something like that or you can speak to a friend

Aisha W.
well you can try to make a memory that can remind you of what you enjoy doing it like taking pictures, tell someone, or teach them OR you can just write it in your umm idk your diary, notes somewhere that you think its the best <33 (p/s youre doing just great keep breathin and full your day with bless and kindfull)

Esma N.
Doing my medications every day , so I don’t end up in the hospital .I doesn’t even take that much time so I hope I will do it every single day , I actually started already .

Isa Z.
If you arent able to keep doing something you used to love, then it might just he you gaining newer interest. If you loved learning maybe you arent interested kn whatever it is you are now tryingto learn about. Maybe research and look up topics you would be happier to learn about. If you still arent interested, maybe you just need a different hobbie.

Nishma W.
You can creat a goal for yourself. Like I love learning languages but after some time I also loose interest so what I did was take a challenge and set up a goal. The goal was to have a 365 day streak for the language I am studying. It’s really helping. I def recommend. Other than that you can set up a goal for just hours each day and reward yourself with something you LOVE. Hope it helps

Gabrielle S.
Give yourself time. Time is important to understand and to get to the heart of things. Moreover, not everything can be of our interest. Find the topic you like the most and learn more about it paying attention to what you are doing. Another important thing is to be concentrate because our mind can goes from a side to another and it causes us distraction. Just notice what distract you and gently turn back on the thing you are doing. Good luck!

Mandy P.
I think that sometimes we find things interesting when we first look at it, but probably nothing is good as it seems. Just take your time to search for a really interesting and if for you hobby.

Apar Cio A.
You could just make yourself understand that when you started learning you did because of your interest but somethings is this journey are not going be easy they gonna be tough while doing that make music Playlist with songs you get motivated and while learning or doing that play the song in the background

Edward L.
What works for me is streaks so I don't give up cause I can see how hard I am working so get an app that gives you streaks

Lucas C.
Maybe you should revisit what made you take interest in the first place. Perhaps you need to remember how you felt when you were first starting. Or find something that gets you motivated to do/learn said thing.