How do you focus for long periods of time?

Asdr Bal Z.
The only way for me personally to focus on something for a longer period of time is to have a strong goal , something i really need to get to , and then I attach that to my emotions, in a sense I use manipulation techniques to trick myself for good.
Sander W.
I make sure I’m alone in my office or a private area.. play some load background music, without lyrics.. then I put my stopwatch on 20min timers.. each 20mins I get up, walk around get some water or coffee and continue.. most times I’m in a flow state and just snooze the 20min timer.. but knowing that I can take a break in 20misn gives me satisfaction
Vera Q.
I usually prefer to work in short intervals of 25 minutes each. I then follow it up with a 5 minutes break. This helps me to focus better. This is known as the Pomodoro technique.