Besides reading, how do you utilize the learn and study habit?

Frederikke P.
I would just repeat, repeat, repeat and pay attention the first time so you don’t have to go though it as many times as you would have otherwise if you were learning for a test or trying to learn a new language. It also comes in handy when something comes unexpectedly and all your plans are turned upside down.
Elmer O.
Focus on one person throughout history that you find interesting and learn as much as possible about them, it sounds boring but it was really fun. I studied Walt Disney.
Edelbert J.
I use a service called creativelive, which has online classes for creative pursuits. I also use several youtube channels to explore some if my debilitating medical conditions so that I can crowdsource tips on how to be my best and most productive self while dealing with my personal burdens. Sometimes I listen to podcasts in the subjects I am interested in.
Ernest P.
I am taking a refresher online French class with a French coach from my home state who is living in Paris. I also will listen to an educational PodCast while walking. At night time, I will often pick up an art history book as I am doing some research on 17th century Italian and French textiles as they relate to the history of that time period. There are so many opportunities to learn, even while driving you can listen to an audio book on topic of interest.
Elif E.
My mom usually ask me to make some mind map after reading. So,it’s became easier to memorize. Sometimes I read manga. Some of the words I can’t understand and I will search for the meaning and have more vocabulary. So, learn and study is not just sitting and read books,we can learn in a lot of ways.
Bryan A.
Making notes is really important for gaining a better understanding, even if the study is not towards an essay or some other end.
Hana O.
I’ve just been thinking about that very question. There is so much I’d like to learn. But I think tomorrow I’ll work on studying Spanish as I’ll be going to Mexico in March.
Franjo A.
I use different apps to learn new language. Also, when I am home I use my computer to write down ideas for the goals I want to achieve. Sometimes I do the research for that too.
Hector Z.
So basically I’m still in school which means I get a lot of homework, so I take 1 hour in the afternoon to study and read and honestly, this habit really helped me a lot and also my grades are better now. I’m so thankful for this app.😌
Mathew Q.
I do various activities. I learn French which is a language- this helps with concentration and building confidence.
I try and learn a fun fact everyday – a bit of trivia
Study subjects I'm not so good at it need a refresher in for example maths skills.
Louise U.
I try to learn one new thing every day, so I use it for many things: taking a class in Coursera, learning ukulele with youtube videos, learning a new recipe, among other things.