I have a hard time comprehending information as I read. Like if I read a chapter of a book, I won’t be able to tell you what happened. Any tips on this? Also, do you have any tips on note taking?

Liselotte F.
When I read, I make sure that I’m really in the mood to read and not just doing it to check a box. Get comfortable and try to find a place that’s quiet/without distractions. Put your phone out of sight and just start reading until your mind sinks into the world of the book. If you need to read slower to comprehend it better, that’s totally ok. As for note-taking, write your notes in a way that would make sense to you if you went back and read them later, don’t make it too messy or vague. But don’t write down full sentences if you don’t have the time. Also, writing with dark blue ink allegedly helps you retain more information.