Yes! What do you think about studying and learning? Do you keep reading a book even if you don’t feel like doing so? And before getting into the book what do you do?

Manon Y.
I think, it's pretty fun, so I keep learning even i'm not in the mood for reading or learning. I'm still in school, so I have to learn something new. I'm liking it so far because it makes me really smart and connected to what I'm learning at school.
Andrea U.
I don't really love reading a lot, I love learning though. I don't continue reading for long if I don't feel like reading. Before getting into the book I check some social media.
Josina F.
I love studying using the app Duolingo. It’s fun and keeps me using my Spanish. I love to read and if I read long enough I will eventually get into a book and not want to stop. I try to push myself to read longer than I want but if I really don’t want to read I try picking a different book.
Gertraude X.
I have never been a very good reader. So I haven’t actually read a book in a long while, but i still love litterateur. That is why I listen to audiobooks. They’re great!
Eduardo Z.
Well as far as studying goes as a 61-year-old current student, I can tell you that learning is a part of life, and you should be doing it all your life.
It has been said its also a good life to read a book a week.
There are two types of reading the is academic and the other is leisure. With academic reading, it may seem dull but you will get much more useful knowledge from it and if in school, reading your Text Book it is required reading. Leisure reading is entertaining and can take your mind on an adventure. But reading is very important in life. If you want to advance in life then that is an important skill to acquire. So, this helps answer your question🙂.
Jack P.
I love studying and learning. They are two of my favourite hobbies. I think it depends on the motivation for reading said book. If it is a topic I am determined to learn about most of the time I will try and force myself to keep reading, at least to some extent. However, if it is excruciatingly boring and continues to be so after a few hundred pages then I might consider putting aside or saving it for the future. Before getting into a book I just try and be present when i begin reading it and as I go, I find there are some book stories that will hook me straight away, others that take time to get into, and others still that I never “get into” but enjoy reading. Remember that some books are made to be studied, not read, and some books are meant to be read a few pages at a time, maybe even only 10 or 20. It all comes down to personal preference. Although the pursuit of knowledge is never easy and of course requires perseverance and determination.
Le Nidas I.
I like to study and learn. As a 47 year old who has an avid love for reading, I do not recommend forcing yourself to read something. Your brain is shutting down and needs a break. Put the book down and return to it later. How long? 10 minutes or however long you need. Then you are going to be able to absorb what you are reading and….learn.
Clifton W.
I enjoy reading and read rather quickly, it’s something to do in my spare time and allows me to relax while still busy. If I feel like no longer reading what I was before I take a quick five minute break, stretch, and think about the book and if I want to start a new one or stop until a later time. Before getting into a book I get comfortable, make sure I have water or tea nearby, then start reading.